🍺 The Ultimate PDX Brewery Bracket: Meet the Final Four

Cheers, Portland, and bottom’s up. 

We’ve made it to the Final Four round of our Ultimate Portland Brewery Bracket and here’s what we’ve learned so far:

You like a good competition — this week, we saw over 750 votes.

😔 This week, we said goodbye to: 

Little Beast Brewing

Wayfinder Beer

Ex Novo Brewing

Occidental Brewing

🎉 But they all gave our Final Four contestants a run for their money, especially Little Beast Brewing which was barely edged out by Ecliptic Brewing. Heading into the week ahead, the showdown continues with:

Ecliptic Brewing, representing the “Cheers! Group”

Level Beer from the “Foam-idables”

Ruse Brewing of “Suds & Sand”

Breakside Brewing from the “Eternal Hop-timasts”

So, who will it be folks? Which two breweries will advance to the final round of our Ultimate Portland Brewery Bracket? That’s up to you. 📊

Vote here by 9 a.m. on Monday, July 26 to see who’s moving on to the final round.

📌 As a reminder — our bracket is not here to find the “best” local brew, because “best” means something different to everybody. Instead, we are here to highlight the breweries that Portland really loves and which ones you feel best represent our fair city.

Alexa, play It’s The Final Countdown — ‘cause here we go.