🍻 Bottom’s up: PDX’s brewery bracket nominees

You all came in clutch with the nominations for the Ultimate PDX Brewery, Portland! 

We had a whole bunch of submissions to narrow down, as well as multiples, but you all seem as excited as I am for this bracket! We have a couple of cideries and some out-of-towners that made the list as well to keep things fun.

Here’s what you had to say about five of the fine breweries that made the cut, and why they deserve the title of being Portland’s Ultimate Brewery:

Assembly Brewing

“Black-owned, Detroit-style pizza, kept takeout through the pandemic, cans to go, only one in the Foster ‘hood. Bringing greatness to a neighborhood strip that desperately needed it.”

Ecliptic Brewing

“Great beer,  great outdoor space. They did an awesome job during the pandemic. They collaborate. Fun labels and t-shirts. Burger Thursdays. They donate to local causes.”

Great Notion Brewing

“The most unique, flavorful and delectable beers of all time. Their beers have won numerous awards for a reason. I mean, they have mochi-flavored beers for crying out loud?!  The Alberta location is my personal favorite.”

Upright Brewing

“It’s a tucked away location, like it’s hiding from its own greatness. That and a standout for open cask fermentation. Ooh, and did I mention the ultra cool turntable and record selection?”

Ex Novo Brewing Co.

“Their beer is always fantastic, food is super tasty (Detroit Style Pizza, table bacon, etc.) the staff is great and they give away all their profits. Their slogan says it all, ‘drink beer, do good!’”

And that’s just a taste of the entries. So tell us, Portland, which of these 32 breweries should make it to our Sweet Sixteen Round?

As the state begins to reopen and more folks get vaccinated, the days of snagging a brew and a burger with your buds before a Timbers game is such a close reality. This makes summertime the perfect time to celebrate the alchemical wizards creating these quaffable creations.

So show some love to your favorite Stumptown (and beyond) breweries by voting for them in our Ultimate Portland Brewery Bracket.

As a reminder, this March Madness-style bracket was decided by our readers, for our readers. So use this opportunity to revisit some of your favorite Portland breweries (and maybe try some new ones!) and then tell us which of the 32 should advance to the Sweet Sixteen?

Voting for this round ends at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7. Cast your vote below by following this link — and share it with a friend, too!

❓ How does a bracket work?

Here’s a quick primer on how our brackets work. 

Who lands on a bracket?

The original 32 slots are based on reader nominations and staff research. There’s a nomination period before each bracket to collect recommendations on who to include. There is no fee to participate, and you can’t buy a spot in the bracket.

Keep on votin’.

Who advances in each round is strictly based on the number of votes for that round. We’ve had some tight match-ups, so every vote counts! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

How can I sponsor a bracket?

Our sales team works with companies who want to sponsor brackets and related events. For more information, contact Benjamin.

Tell your friends!

Contenders are welcome to encourage their fans to vote for them. Past participants have posted flyers and created social media campaigns to rally their troops.

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