🐾 Here are the most “Portland” pet names

You’ve been making us chuckle. 

If you follow us on socials (😉), you might have seen this post where we asked you to share the most “Portland” name you’d pick for a pet and why. Here’s what you said!

“Tabor, and the dog is a pittie mix.” — Jacinta K. 

“Couch. No, and why!” — Sander S. (Editor’s note: This was absolutely one of the most popular picks, because @madearmoody AND @sadieawesomelady80 also suggested it, and honestly this is a straight up power move if we’ve ever seen one. — Cassie)

“Timber; Dark Roast (DR for short); and last but not least, Willamette (Will for short) — just so I could yell “DAMMIT WILLAMETTE!” when they were in trouble.” — Laurie H.

“Packy.” — Debbie P.

“Umpqua, Thorny (roses, Hawthorne), or Pittock. Or Willamette for sure!!” — Alan S. 

“Colin.” — Laura M.

“River.” — @fit_to_swim

“Bigfoot.” — @sandyisservin

“Weirdo.” — @melissaporter3 & Wayne P.

“Simpson.” — @aohmedia

“Compost.” — @birdiana_jones

“Gentrification.” — @morelipsticklessbullshit (OOOOF, but not wrong.  😅)

“I’d name my doggo Pooch but pronounce it Pouch.” — @tgularte (Second editor’s note: Never mind, this is the power move of the list, calling it here.)

“Hoyt.” — @corheault_makes_things

“Willy-Ahmet.” — @ecotrav (this is pure chaos and we’re here for it.)

And now for our ABSOLUTE favorite submission:

“Bridgeliner… Because I’m edgy.” — @thebestskieronthemountain (We love to see it folks, sidebar, if any of you wind up naming one of your pets Bridgeliner please let us know.)

Thank you to everyone who sent in their suggestions — these were an absolute delight to read, and I sincerely hope they made you smile as much as I did.

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