💖 The amazing women of Portland

A truly awesome lineup of truly awesome women. (📸: @thenightwoodsociety; 🎨: Bridgeliner illustration)

March is Women’s History Month, and we wanted to round out these final two weeks with something special. We asked you to tag us on our socials in pictures of Portland women who are making historical differences in our city.

We are very grateful to The Nightwood Society for sharing some incredible Portland women with us — they are an awesome event space owned and operated by women, and are home to one of our favorite organizations Equitable Giving Circle. Give them some love and tell them we sent you!

Without further ado, let’s meet the fantastic women making a difference in our city.

Cheryl Jutten

Why Cheryl’s awesome 

“Cheryl is an integral part of The Nightwood Society and has been since the very beginning. You don’t typically see her because she’s always behind the camera. She’s shot dozens of events at The Nightwood and In The Wild for us, and always manages to make everyone look fabulous! From Feast Portland dinners and I Love Gamay tastings to Design Portland events and countless photoshoots, Cheryl has spent many, many hours with our team and it’s always a delight! If you’re looking for someone to shoot new headshots, products, or an event, Cheryl is your gal.”

Paige Hendrix Buckner

Why Paige is awesome

“A long time friend of the NWS crew, Paige is a badass lady boss you should know about. Through her dynamic career and experience as an entrepreneur, Paige is well versed on the challenges facing startups. As COO of Founder Gym we applaud her continued efforts in helping underrepresented founders. Founder Gym is an excellent platform and the leading online program training underrepresented founders on how to raise money to scale their tech startups. Paige co-hosted the 13th Annual SXSW Pitch Competition on an international virtual stage. Paige is an absolute radiant force and we can’t wait to share space with her again.”

Lindsey Murphy

Why Lindsey’s awesome

“Named one of Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 for 2019, Lindsey Murphy has been called a ‘visionary,’ ‘force of nature,’ ‘breath of fresh air,’ and is said to ‘light up the darkest corners of any room.’ And we at NWS know this to be true. From the beginning Lindsey has been a fun and fresh collaboration partner. We love watching her dimensionalize kids learning especially as the award-winning creator + host of The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey on YouTube. We are so excited to see what’s next in Lindsey’s future and to support her continued work in ‘doing things!’ P.S. we think you should too.”

Jill Kuehler & Molly Troupe

Why they’re awesome

“These bad ass babes embody the entrepreneurial spirit that we LOVE to celebrate! Bucking industry trends, Freeland Spirits is one of very few women owned and run distilleries in history. And they are right here in our backyard! The duo of owner Jill Kuehler and Master Distiller Molly Troupe create the treats we love to sip on. From the gals like Cory Carman who help to grow the grain, to those who run the still, Freeland Spirits is creating superior spirits that celebrate all the Northwest has to offer. One of our favorite memories with Freeland is hosting a Friends + Family party in March 2018, in the very early days of both The Nightwood and Freeland. We look forward to partying with these babes for many years to come.”

Chevonne Ball

Why Chevonne’s awesome

“Recently named a Wine Enthusiast ‘Top 40 Under 40 Tastemaker of 2020’ and a ‘Rising Star’ by Seven Fifty Daily, Chevonne Ball is the Owner and Founder of Dirty Radish Travel Company. Her company leads small-group culinary and wine experiences in Oregon’s Willamette Valley as well as the Beaujolais and Lyon regions of France. As a Certified Sommelier and French Wine Scholar, Chevonne is also an educator, powerful public speaker and an incredible community builder. She is a dear part of the NWS family and we love to witness the joy and light she shines in our space and all around.”

Sharon Nielson

Why Sharon’s awesome

“An OG of the feminist movement, Sharon was holding it down in the Bay Area when most of us were in nappies. This woman is a dynamic superhero who has spent her life dedicated to developing community. Sharon is one of the hardest working humans we know! Her dedication to community development is endless and her long list of accomplishments is impressive. From independent consultant and business owner, successfully completing a diverse range of projects in urban, suburban, and rural communities. Sharon once led the Portland Saturday Market and currently works as Burgerville’s SVP of Business Development. She is a proud mama and grandmother, and is always the best dressed person on Zoom, hands down. She has been a supporter of NWS since day 1 and she is a mentor to us all.”

Sarah Schafer & Anna Caporael

Why they’re awesome

“What do you get when you combine two phenomenal forces? You get this dream team. Sarah and Anna continue to make waves in the local Portland food community and their new project @cooperativapdx, an amazing and delicious modern Italian market. Cooperativa was built on throwing out the “norm”, breaking the outdated food & beverage business model and developing a new model of incorporating giving alongside their daily business. Between Anna and Sarah they have a laundry list of accomplishments and these two keep building the community we need to help the Portland food scene to regain its footing and thrive again.”

Christel Allen

Why Christel’s awesome

“Christel is the Executive Director of NARAL Pro Choice Oregon @prochoiceoregon. She took the position in July 2020 but has long been a part of the organization and movement. She has extensive campaign and policy experience and is an all-around bad ass! Christel is the first woman of color to lead NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. She is focused on leading the organization and the larger reproductive freedom movement in building a more resilient, more equitable, more just and kinder Oregon for all. Health equity for all is critical and as proud supporters of NARAL Pro-Choice of Oregon, The Nightwood Society supports Christel and her team in all the work they continue to make sure Oregon leads the charge as a national leader in the pro-choice movement.”

Lucia & Nico

Why they’re awesome

“Cheers to the women who have come before us and paved the way and of course, cheers to the next generation of badass ladies. We can’t wait to see where you’ll go and the world you will create for yourself. Pictured here, our favorite @tinyfeminists, Lucia + Nico.”

The entire Nightwood Society

Why they’re awesome

“Thank you to every single one of YOU. The Nightwood has welcomed many amazing women over the past 3+ years. Our intention was always to be a women first focused space for lovers of food, creativity and community. From delicious meals and glasses filled with bubbles, to F*ck That Guy pop ups, important panel discussions and empowering lady gatherings, we have loved every minute of our journey with you. Cheers to The Nightwood Society!”

Thank you to our Bridgeliner Unabridged members; your support helps make Bridgeliner, and original features like this, possible. And thank you to The Nightwood Society for tagging us in these wonderful photos.