📸 Snapshot some amazing Portland women

March is Women’s History Month, and we want to round out the final two weeks with something special. (If you missed our interview with Portland State University professor Patricia Schechter, where we highlighted three historic Portland women of color, you can find that here.)

So we’re asking you to drop into our inbox and tag us on social media in pictures of amazing Portland women and organizations that are making history right now.

What is it?

This is a photography challenge — and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send in and tag us online in pictures of incredible Portland women and organizations making history in our city right now. We want to shine a light on these amazing people in honor of Women’s History Month. Who are we looking for? Educators, healthcare workers, activists, grocery store clerks, friends, moms, you name it! We want to see the women in your lives who are making a difference.

How does it work?

Great question, glad you asked!

  1. Snap a picture of an awesome Portland woman or organization making a difference in our city.
  2. Either email us at [email protected] or tag us on social media using #bridgelinerwomenshistory (pro-tip: Send along a couple of sentences about why this person is amazing and how to support their work!)
  3. Submit as many photos as you want between now and 10 a.m., Thursday, March 25!
  4. We’ll share the photos on social media and in next Friday’s newsletter with credit to you.

What’s the goal?

We want to use this platform to highlight incredible people in our city and communities, find ways to connect readers to activists and organizations, and help build support. History is made every single day, and women’s history is not isolated to one month out of the year. By putting in the work to make these connections and support women and femme-led organizations (👋 Hi Equitable Giving Circle and happy birthday month!), we can have a hand in making that history something to be proud of.

So snag your camera, and let’s share this history together.

Thank you to our Bridgeliner Unabridged members; your support helps make Bridgeliner, and original features like this, possible.