10 Fun Ways to Have a Very Merry Holiday in Portland

There’s so much to do in Portland all year long – and our winter season packs in even more must-dos.
So we’ve scoured the lands, the lakes, the neighborhoods, the restaurants and bars, the shops and markets, the nooks and crannies to create a list of 10 Fun Ways to Have a Very Merry Holiday in Portland just for you, our dedicated Bridgeliners.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Celebrate Festivus

Try a Unique Staycation

Check out these Remote Control Christmas Lights that YOU can turn on and off

Get engaged – Portland-Style (think about getting your ring from this eco-friendly Portland jewelry designer)

Read why Portland banned Elvis’ Christmas song

Sign up for a Mixology and Cooking classes

Watch a film from a Portland filmmaker

Have some holiday, Portland-themed ice cream (spiked eggnog, anyone?!)

Have the best hot drinks in town

and always….

Give back

Have a Merry Christmas in Portland 10 fun things to do for the holidays in Portland