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Cassie Ruud Local Director of Portland's Best Newsletter Bridgeliner
Cassie Ruud is Bridgeliner’s former writer / editor / director.  A life-long Oregonian, she grew up in a small logging town, cut her literary teeth at Oregon State University, reported to the local communities on the Oregon Coast, and finally, made her way back to the Willamette Valley and Portland in 2019.

Ben DeJarnetteBen DeJarnette is our founder, former co-director, and occasional sports correspondent. He reportedly ran track for the Ducks once upon a time. Now he just tries to keep up with the athletes he coaches at Madison HS. Ben is a dog person… who nevertheless loves his cat.

Devin Hutchings is our former co-director and resident standup comic. Unlike most Bridgeliner hires, she is not a Duck, but a proud Southern Oregon University alum. She loves both her dog (Aloo) and cat (Moose) equally, but only one of them loves her back. She is a dog person.

Sarah Fahmy is a video producer, editor, and former Bridgeliner editorial fellow. She helped track down answers to many of our very first PDXplained questions, including how food scraps and yard waste become compost in Portland.

Alex Grand is the co-founder of Good Intent and a whiz at partnership and business development. She’s now managing the Ascend program at Portland State, but she’s still part of the crew as a Bridgeliner member.

Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge is a writer, photographer, and former Bridgeliner intern. He’s also an expert on trusses and decks thanks to all his work on our Portland bridge series, which he helped research and write.

Whitney GomesWhitney Gomes is a video producer, drone pilot, and born-and-raised Portlander, not to mention a “double Duck.” Her videos for Bridgeliner included a profile of the Abdi brothers who “run” St. Johns, a history of the Pearl District, and an interview with Rukaiyah Adams.

Chloë Miller is an event producer, dot connector, and Pedalpalooza-loving bicyclist. Like Ben and Whitney, she’s a proud Duck, but most often can be found rooting for the Blazers.


Jordan Hernandez is a freelance writer, storyteller, and Bridgeliner contributor. Jordan writes for Travel Oregon, Travel Portland, and Oregon Humanities, and she’s the brains behind our spring 2020 contributor project, “We Count: Latinx Portland in 2020.”

Andy Tran is the founder of Bonjo and the pioneer of our Bridgeliner contributor network. His “Young in Portland” series explores the stories of recent high school grads who are finding their way in the world and chasing dreams that don’t follow the conventional playbook.




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