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We believe that connecting with your city shouldn’t feel like work.

That’s why we curate the best events around town, explain what’s happening in our city and why it matters, and highlight the people who make Portland a brighter place — all in a short, delightful email newsletter.

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Ben DeJarnetteBen DeJarnette is our founder, director, and occasional sports correspondent. He reportedly ran track and cross country for the Ducks once upon a time. Now he huffs and puffs trying to keep up with the athletes he coaches at Madison High School. Ben is a dog person.

Whitney GomesWhitney Gomes is our video producer, drone pilot, and resident born-and-raised Portlander. Like Ben, Whitney is a University of Oregon grad and sports nut. Unlike Ben, she’s a cat person.

Chloë Miller is our engagement producer, dot connector, and Pedalpalooza-loving bicyclist. Like Ben and Whitney, she’s a proud Duck, but most often can be found rooting for the Blazers. Chloë is a dog person.



Bridgeliner has sister publications in four cities (The Evergrey, Seattle; The New Tropic, Miami; The Incline, Pittsburgh; Pulptown, Orlando), and we all rely on the folks at WhereBy.Us HQ for help building our technology, mailing out our membership swag, and making the newsletter sparkle.   

Here are just a few of the fantastic people who support our work.

Hanaa’ Tameez edits the newsletter with an eagle eye and helps reign in Ben’s overuse of the em dash. She does not cheer for the Ducks with us (go Seawolves!). She’s a dog person.

Schlomo Rabinowitz is WBU’s business manager, elder-statesman, and chief Portland Pickles evangelist. Schlomo wears tracksuits. The best tracksuits. He’s a cat person.

Haley WeaverHaley Weaver turns our muddled thoughts into beautiful illustrations and helps us raise our meme and GIF game. She’s a dog person.


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