Adam Sweet Eases the Pain of Moving

You might already know Adam Sweet as the local entrepreneur who disrupted the home-moving business (in a good way).

But after keeping his personal story private for years, Adam says he’s ready to share another part of his background — his experience in Oregon’s foster system.

“I was kind of embarrassed to be a foster child,” Adam told us. “Sometimes it makes people feel uncomfortable. Like they’d say, ‘I’m sorry you were a foster child,’ and I think there’s an opportunity to see foster children in a different light.”

Adam estimates he spent time with at least 20 different foster families as a teenager (he lost count somewhere along the way), and despite the struggle of all that upheaval, he says his experience as a kid on the move helped prepare him to launch a successful moving company.

Check out our video to hear Adam’s take on growing up as a foster kid, starting a business from the back of his truck, and changing the perception of foster care here in Oregon.