And You Thought You Couldn’t Paint – Wrong!

Photographer Dino Demopoulos start to paint because you can portland bridgelinerDo you know that the only thing that keeps you from being a painter is the courage to pick up a paintbrush and start fooling around? It’s true. As Pablo Picasso said: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Of course, those who have spent years studying art will produce magnificent paintings of landscapes, human figures, coastal scenes – stuff most of us won’t ever be able to create. But being that studied has its downside. It can get in the way of creating wildly, raw art. Some of the best art being made today is raw art (art brut), otherwise known as outsider art (art made by unstudied artists), and much of it is done on cardboard and paper. You don’t have to invest in expensive paints, paintbrushes, canvases, etc. Don’t be afraid to go to a craft store (Michaels), or better, order from Dick Blicks online (they have student paints).

The Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) is a great place to start if you want to join a community or take workshops or one-day lessons.

Or – gasp – head to youtube and see who’s doing what. (All artists go there and snoop around.)

For a little extra motivation, look at the OSA Call to Artists show schedule for 2022 and just tell yourself, “Hey, I can do that!” Because you can. Dive in, don’t question things. Put five legs on a cow. Paint the sun green.  Turn the canvas upside down. Just dive in. You’ll be surprised at the hidden creativity you’ve had stored up all this time.

2022 SHOW SCHEDULE (please note, these are subject to change).
CALL TO ARTISTS:  Please click here for the list of exhibit opportunities.  Show entries open one month prior to the show.

January:              OSA Member & Art Museum Docents | Open only to OSA Members and PAM Docents, non-juried
February:             Portraits, Figures & Selfies | open to the public, non-juried
March:                 Water Media Juried Show | open to the public, juror TBD
April:                    Photography Showcase, in partnership with the Portland Photographers Forum | open to the public, juror TBD
May:                    OSA Student Instructors and Volunteers’ Art Show | open only to OSA students and teachers, non-juried
June:                   Rose Festival Art Show | open to the public, juror TBD
July:                    Multi-Cultural Showcase | open to the public, non-juried
August:               Plein Air and Alla Prima Showcase | open to the public, juror TBD
September:         Oils and Pastels Fall Show | open to the public, juror TBD
October:              Impressions: Print Show | all printmakers welcome, all 2-D work with embossed or impressed elements welcome, non-juried
November:          Veterans’ Showcase | open only to US Military Veterans, non-juried
December:          12″ x 12″ Art Show and Sale | Sponsored by American Easel | open to the public, juror TBD


Photo credit: Dino Demopoulos

By Bridgeliner Creative Studio
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