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How to Embrace Your Inner Weirdo in Portland

🤗 This Portlander wants you to embrace your inner weirdo

We interviewed Eric Putman, about his background and his “Be Weird” art project inspiring folks to connect with their inner weirdness.

Interviews / June 30, 2021

🍻 Bottom’s up: PDX’s brewery bracket nominees

Show some love to your favorite Stumptown (and beyond) breweries by voting for them in our Ultimate Portland Brewery Bracket.

Bars / June 29, 2021

💖 Talking “deep, pragmatic work that’s a little revolutionary” with Q Center

We had the honor of interviewing the executive director of the Q Center, Ian Morton, on this incredible nonprofit, the pandemic, and the future.

Interviews / June 25, 2021

🎤 Moshow is calling all “Cat People”

Moshow and his cats Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli have a new show on Netflix coming out this July. (📸: Courtesy of Nico Seabright) It’s Wednesday, Portland. And you know that means it’s time to get weird. Every week, we celebrate elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness in collaboration with Weird […]

Evergreen / June 23, 2021

🍺 Nominate the ultimate Portland brewery

Help us find the ultimate PDX brewery in our bracket. (🎨: Bridgeliner illustration) We’re on the quest for Portland’s Ultimate Brewery — and there’s no shortage of options. So we need your help to narrow the field to 32 contenders for this March Madness-style bracket. Tell us: What’s your favorite Portland brewery? And what’s the […]

Uncategorized / June 22, 2021

🌈 How PDX Pride transformed during the pandemic

Today’s feature is about how Pride celebrations had to shift last year due to the pandemic and the magic that goes into it.

Uncategorized / June 18, 2021

Portland Peculiarium interactive art gallery

👽 A peculiar reopening with the Peculiarium

Today we’re walking through the doors of a long-beloved Portland institution of weird: The FreakyButTrue Peculiarium, a gallery devoted to all things PDX.

Unique Portland / June 16, 2021

Trans Families supports transgender and gender diverse youth and their families in Portland

🤗 How this nonprofit is helping trans families in Portland

Trans Families is a local nonprofit providing resources to trans youth and their families. (🎨: Bridgeliner illustration) In honor of Pride Month, we are covering things all about Pride in Portland — its history, its legacy, and where we go from here. We had the honor of interviewing one of our Bridgeliner Unabridged members, lo on their work […]

Community / June 10, 2021

Keeva in the Unicorn Palace - Portland artist

🦄 Prancing through the weird with Keeva the Unicorn Queen

We spoke with local Portland artist Keeva the Unicorn Queen, an advocate for self-love and the importance of never losing touch with your inner child.

Uncategorized / June 9, 2021

Pride Month celebrated in Portland

🌈 How we’re celebrating Pride Month at Bridgeliner

June is Pride Month — and we want to highlight and celebrate Portland’s LGBTQIA+ communities and their history all month long.

Uncategorized / June 4, 2021

👑 Treasuring the weird with attorney Aaron Cronan

It’s time to meet another of Weird Portland United’s board members (the unofficial ambassadors of Rose City’s weirdness), the treasurer of WPU Aaron Cronan!

Uncategorized / May 26, 2021

💖 How to make friends in Portland

We’ve got a few simple suggestions on where to start.  Join a dragon boat team Join a kickball league. Join a Pot Social. Pick up games in Portland are everywhere – volleyball, dodgeball, etc. Hop into a group bike ride. No matter your social style, we loved all the great tips and friend-making stories you […]

Community / May 25, 2021

💉 Six questions with a vaccine volunteer

We spoke with volunteer and Bridgeliner reader Nick Schoeps, who helps distribute vaccines to Portlanders at the Oregon Convention Center.

Interviews / May 21, 2021

🎨 Meet these wonderfully weird Portland muralists

WPU and PSAA have been looking for local artists to create a Weird Portland mural, and we’re highlighting the three finalists and their work.

Uncategorized / May 19, 2021

🎥 Five questions with Filmed By Bike Festival’s Cheryl Green

We interviewed a local Portland documentary filmmaker and one of the many excellent directors featured in this year’s Filmed By Bike Festival, Cheryl Green.

Arts & Culture / May 18, 2021

🚴 Filmed By Bike Festival: 5 Questions with Ayleen Crotty

We interviewed Ayleen Crotty, the founder of the Filmed By Bike Festival, a film festival all about cycling stories created by local filmmakers.

Arts & Culture / May 14, 2021

❤️ Vote: How should we thank Portland’s vaccine volunteers?

How should the Bridgeliner community thank the vaccine distribution volunteers at the Oregon Convention Center for all of their hard work?

Uncategorized / May 13, 2021

📚 Reading the weird with author Nico Seabright

We’re with Weird Portland United’s secretary and communications manager as well as local children’s book author Nico Seabright.

Arts & Culture / May 12, 2021

🌌 Weird Wednesdays: Remembering Star Wars in Stumptown

We asked Portlanders to share their stories of seeing Star Wars for the first time, and they didn’t disappoint with sincere and cherished memories.

Unique Portland / May 5, 2021

📣 We dare you to ‘Listen Courageously’

“List(e)n” has partnered with Bridgeliner and sister publications for “Listen Courageously – From Coast to Coast,” a virtual event redefining communication.

Uncategorized / April 29, 2021