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🗺 Weird Wednesday: ‘A human scale city based on true relationships’

We pull back the curtain and take a peek at the folks responsible for fostering weirdness in our fair metropolis, Weird Portland United’s board.

Unique Portland / April 28, 2021

🍺 The foamy culture of Portland pubs with Beerchaser Don Williams

We asked Don about Portland’s pub culture, what has helped define it, what has changed, and what has persisted and will continue to persist into the future.

Interviews / April 23, 2021

🐴 The weird, tiny history of Portland’s horse rings

You can still find tiny horses tied to horse rings in Portland. This delightful community art project is one of many aspects of Portland’s weirdness.

History / April 21, 2021

💖 What Bridgeliner readers had to say about the Church of Elvis

Bridgeliner readers wrote in and remember the 24-hour Church of Elvis as a strange, eclectic, delightful art experience from the 80s and 90s.

Unique Portland / April 16, 2021

🎸 The legend of the 24-hour Church of Elvis

We’re looking at one of Portland’s OG weird art galleries: The 24-hour Church of Elvis. A coin-operated wonderland where you could get married for $25.

Unique Portland / April 14, 2021

🍻 Portlander Don Williams takes us beer chasing

We sat down with Portlander and Oregon’s original Beerchaser, Don “Dirt” Williams, who has reviewed nearly 400 bars on his blog since 2011.

Interviews / April 9, 2021

🌈 Into the rainbow of weird with Strawberry Pickle

Join us as we interview the creator of Rainbow City, Strawberry Pickle, an explosion of color, fun, strange, and wonderful creations.

Interviews / April 7, 2021

💖 Rolling into the weird with Carlos the Rollerblader

We interviewed the creator of Disco’s Skate Shop, Carlos the Rollerblader who is bringing the joy of roller skating to our city.

Interviews / March 31, 2021

💖 The amazing women of Portland

We are celebrating some truly amazing Portland women who are making history and differences here in our city. From OG pioneers to the next generation.

Uncategorized / March 26, 2021

✂️ Designing the weird of Portland with Sundari Franklin

Sundari has been a fashion designer for years, and made her mark in Portland in the past three. (📸: Picture courtesy of Sundari Devi Franklin) It’s Wednesday.  And you know what that means: We’re getting weird today. Each week, we’re highlighting and celebrating elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness in collaboration with the amazing folks at […]

Arts & Culture / March 24, 2021

📸 Snapshot some amazing Portland women

We’re asking you to drop into our inbox and tag us on social media in pictures of amazing Portland women and organizations making history right now. 

Locals to Know / March 19, 2021

😜 The wheels of weird with Spencer Sprocket

Each week, we’re highlighting and celebrating elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness, in collaboration with the amazing folks at Weird Portland United.

Interviews / March 17, 2021

📜 Three historic PDX women to know

For Women’s History Month, we highlight three Portland women of color, whose contributions helped shape our city.

History / March 12, 2021

🍩 And the winner is …

The announcement of who won the Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket. How far did your doughnut make it? What bracket should we do next? Let us know!

Uncategorized / March 5, 2021

Weird Wednesdays: Into the future of Portland’s Weirdness

Brian Kidd, AKA The Unipiper, gazes with us into our crystal ball on the future of Portland’s amazing, unique, and beautiful weirdness.

Unique Portland / March 3, 2021

🍩 Chomp on this Championship Round

Which of these two delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should be the Ultimate Portland Doughnut? Who will be the beast of yeast? Cast your vote now.

Uncategorized / February 25, 2021

A Walk through the Weird with artist Cedar Lee

Portland artist Cedar Lee shares the beauty of interweaving the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty with our city’s desire for sustainability.

Arts & Culture / February 24, 2021

🍩 Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket: The Final Four

Which of these 4 delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should make it to our FINAL ROUND? Cast your vote now.

Uncategorized / February 18, 2021

The Land of the Weird: The Portland Sleestak

Portlander Brent Marr, a.k.a. The Portland Sleestak, shares his journey of becoming our city’s lizard man, and the quirky joy of keeping Portland weird.

Interviews / February 17, 2021

The Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket: Meet the Elite Ate — er Eight

Which of these 8 delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should make it to our Final Four? Cast your vote now.

Uncategorized / February 11, 2021