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The Church that Stood Strong

WHAT: Lower Albina has seen a lot of change over the last 50 years, but one constant through it all has been the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, which will celebrate its 75th birthday next month. The church has withstood decades of gentrification and displacement, and its members today span multiple generations. WHY IT MATTERS: […]

Lower Albina / February 14, 2019

Portland Transit Has Never Looked Cooler

If anyone can make the inside of a TriMet bus look magical, it’s Brian Lum. Lum is TriMet’s web and social media coordinator, and he’s the man behind the photos that appear on the transit agency’s social accounts. His goal? To start a dialogue about sustainable transit through photography — creating images of iconic parts of Portland […]

Changemakers / February 7, 2019

Lale Santelices, Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Safe Routes to School: It Takes More Than Just a Stop Sign

What does it take to keep kids safe on their way to school? Stop signs and crosswalks only go so far. That’s where the work of Lale Santelices, PBOT’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) coordinator, comes into play. “It doesn’t matter how many signs I put up or how many crosswalks I paint,” she said. […]

Changemakers / January 31, 2019

Fatou Ouattara is the chef behind Akâdi, one of the only West African restaurants in Portland

Akâdi Brings West African Food to Portland

Spices from scratch, sauces from scratch, slow-cooked goat and whole-fried tilapia: Akâdi, which means “tasty” in Bambara (a Mali-originated language), is a restaurant in Portland’s Albina district that lives up to its name by serving homemade West African food from chef-owner Fatou Ouattara’s native Bouaké, Ivory Coast. Ouattara, who immigrated to the U.S. to attend […]

Food / January 31, 2019

Meet David Bouchard, a Blind Portlander with a Vision for Transit

Not enough braille and large print. Quiet or unclear stop announcements. No accessible real-time arrival information. As a blind transit rider, Portlander David Bouchard has a unique perspective on where systems like TriMet fall short on accommodating everyone in the community. “Since I can’t drive, I’m transit-dependent, and I realized very quickly that public transportation […]

Changemakers / January 23, 2019

Video: Clean & Safe Employs Formerly Homeless Portlanders

If you follow NextDoor or your neighborhood’s Facebook group, you’ll probably know that complaints about needles, trash, and graffiti are becoming increasingly common in Portland. Neighbors say the problem is getting worse, but in at least one part of town, the city is having some success addressing it. For 30 years, Central City Concern’s Clean […]

Community / January 7, 2019

Video: In Sunnyside, Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a Long-Time Tradition

For nearly 40 years, volunteers at the Sunnyside Community House have cooked a family-style meal every Wednesday night and shared it with neighbors in need. “The most rewarding part of the Wednesday meals has been my expanded sense of who my neighbors are,” said John Mayer, board chair of Sunnyside Community House. “I see some […]

Community / January 6, 2019

Video: The Lane That Lights Up Sunnyside

From the Grinch to the Muppets to Santa’s “sleigh”, Peacock Lane’s over-the-top holiday displays have been lighting up the Sunnyside neighborhood for nearly 90 years. The neighbors serve hot cider and cocoa through Christmas Eve, and a share of any donations they receive go to the Village Free School. The lights will be up through […]

Uncategorized / December 21, 2018