Best Hot Drinks in Portland – Where the Locals Go

Best hot toddies hot cocktails in portland oregon where the locals go bridgelinerSometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name – or rather, where you can find a good hot drink when it’s cold outside. Same kind of comfort, only you don’t really have to talk to anyone. But you can. Hey, it’s Portland. Go as you please, but just go.

Our top pick for the best Hot Drinks in Portland: the Tough Luck Bar in Woodlawn. With 5 hot cocktails – 4 being infused hot toddies – how could we resist. But don’t stop there. We have some great runner-ups that might just be in your neighborhood (and if you have a place you’d like to share, let us know).

Tough Luck Bar
1771 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97217
(971) 754-4188

  • Mae Capone 
    Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Aperol, Salted Maple Syrup, Hot Coffee, Whipped Cream, Served Hot
  • House Toddy 
    Bartender’s Choice Of Whiskey, Honey Syrup, Lemon, Bitters, Hot Water, Served Hot
  • Pecan-infused Toddy 
    Pecan-infused Bourbon, Pear Syrup, Lemon, Black Walnut Bitters, Hot Water, Served Hot
  • Mezcal Toddy 
    Mezcal Union Uno, Ginger Syrup, Lemon, Orange, Smoked Chili Bitters, Hot Water, Served Hot
  • Rum Toddy 
    Sailor Jerry, Overholt Rye, Honey Syrup, Lemon, Orange Bitters, Hot Water, Served Hot


Alberta Street Pub

  • Hot Toddy
    Bourbon, Lemon, Honey with a Dash of Cinnamon & Nutmeg
    Alberta Arts District
    1036 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR, 97211
    (503) 284- 7665 

The Slide Inn

  • House Made Limoncello Toddy
    Hot Toddy with house-made Limoncello, Ginger Syrup
    2348 SE Ankeny St Portland, OR, 97214
    (503) 341-1381

Backyard Social

  • Hot Boozy Wine
    Red Wine, Brandy, Spices, Slightly Sweetened – Served Warm (even better, add a 1 oz Shot of Spiced Rum )
    North Portland
    1914 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR, 97217
    (503) 719-4316
  • Hot & Henned up
    Monkey Shoulder scotch, hot coffee, Frangelico whipped cream
    1510 S Harbor Way, Portland, OR, 97201
    (503) 295-6166
  • Last In Line
    Old Overholt Bonded, Disaronno, almond honey, lemon, served hot
    2135 N Willis Blvd, Portland, OR, 97217
    (503) 719-6826
Photo Credit: Alora Griffiths