The Place in Portland Where Pro Wrestling Is Still Going Strong

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: St. Johns / Portsmouth

THE PLACE: The North Portland Eagles Lodge hosts Blue Collar Wrestling every Sunday night, and for just $10, you can snag a seat to watch the action.

Blue Collar Wrestling is now eight years old, and its marquee matches have featured WWE stars like Roddy Piper and The Honky Tonk Man.

But BCW isn’t just about the athletes. The audience participation is half the fun, and if you pay a couple extra bucks for a front-row seat, you’re on your way to becoming part of the show.

FUN FACT: The first Blue Collar Wrestling championship belt had the Heinz Ketchup factory on the front, and BJ Darden, a.k.a. “The Franchise,” said it was a running joke with the wrestlers who knew BJ hated ketchup. “Which turned out great for me,” he said. “I’d never hold that damn belt.” He didn’t take the championship until the following year — winning a Heinz-free championship belt.

QUOTABLE: “People say, ‘Oh, wrestling’s fake.’ [After] 15 minutes in my world, you would never ever ever use the ‘f’ word again.”

— BJ Darden, co-founder, Blue Collar Wrestling

CHECK IT OUT: Catch a Sunday night show at 6:00pm, or if you or someone you know is a wrestler, contact BCW and request a try-out to get it in the ring with the pros!