The Albina Vision is a 50-Year Plan—But It Starts Now

WHAT: The Albina Vision is a community-led effort to revitalize a district that was once the heart of Portland’s black community. The plan calls for building nine city blocks of affordable housing and community gathering space, and capping the I-5 freeway that displaced thousands of families in the 1960s — but the project is about […]

/ February 20, 2019

A QFC Just Closed in NE Portland. We Lost More Than a Grocery Store

When I heard the news, I was crushed. My neighborhood grocery, QFC on NE 33rd, was closing. QFC has been my store for all 13 years I’ve lived in Portland, despite the many choices within walking distance of my neighborhood, Sullivan’s Gulch. The grocery business is highly competitive, and demographics—education, house prices, income, density—partially explain […]

/ February 4, 2019

Safe Routes to School: It Takes More Than Just a Stop Sign

What does it take to keep kids safe on their way to school? Stop signs and crosswalks only go so far. That’s where the work of Lale Santelices, PBOT’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) coordinator, comes into play. “It doesn’t matter how many signs I put up or how many crosswalks I paint,” she said. […]

/ January 31, 2019

Video: Clean & Safe Employs Formerly Homeless Portlanders

If you follow NextDoor or your neighborhood’s Facebook group, you’ll probably know that complaints about needles, trash, and graffiti are becoming increasingly common in Portland. Neighbors say the problem is getting worse, but in at least one part of town, the city is having some success addressing it. For 30 years, Central City Concern’s Clean […]

/ January 7, 2019

Video: In Sunnyside, Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a Long-Time Tradition

For nearly 40 years, volunteers at the Sunnyside Community House have cooked a family-style meal every Wednesday night and shared it with neighbors in need. “The most rewarding part of the Wednesday meals has been my expanded sense of who my neighbors are,” said John Mayer, board chair of Sunnyside Community House. “I see some […]

/ January 6, 2019

What Should Civic Engagement Look Like in Portland?

We’ll spare you the full history of the Office of Community and Civic Life, its name change, and its evolving mission. The bottom line is this: The city agency responsible for engaging and listening to Portlanders of all stripes hasn’t always nailed that, and we want to help them get it right. Here’s the agency’s […]

/ December 13, 2018

Here’s What You Told Us About Portland’s E-Scooter Experiment

Portland’s e-scooter pilot program officially ends in November, and PBOT hasn’t decided yet whether the scooters will be gone for good or here to stay. So we asked readers for their take on scooters and what should happen next. Here’s what they told us: “I love the scooters! They are a fun, easy, cheap way […]

/ October 29, 2018

We’re Digging Into Portland’s Housing Crisis. What Do You Want to Know?

What do you want to know about Portland’s housing and homelessness crisis? Bridgeliner’s next Real Talk series will focus on big ideas and promising solutions that could help Portland dig out of this problem, but as always, we’re starting with your questions. To follow this project, subscribe to our newsletter for updates on what we’re learning and what […]

/ October 10, 2018

Yeah, Portland Has Problems. Let’s Talk Solutions.

There’s plenty of talk in the news about the challenges facing Portland — rising housing prices, snarled traffic, unequal justice, underperforming schools.  But there’s less talk about how our city is tackling those challenges, what’s working, what’s not, and where we go from here. That’s why we’re launching a new project called Real Talk, which will […]

/ July 25, 2018

5 Things to Know About Pickathon — Including How to Win Free Tickets

Photo courtesy of Pickathon There’s a reason Pickathon is Portland’s favorite musical festival. Since it launched 20 years ago, Pickathon has become known for its family-friendly revelry, next-level sustainability, and knack for bringing in the best artists that most people have never heard of — at least not yet. Thinking about joining the party next […]

/ July 16, 2018

PDXplained: Your Questions About Portland, Answered

What have you always wondered about our city? Maybe why Portland is called the City of Roses? Or where Timber Joey gets his logs? Or how fast the city is actually growing? No matter how quirky or wonky, fun or serious, we want to get answers to your burning questions about Portland, its culture, and the […]

/ June 8, 2018

We Asked 4 Portland Teachers—What’s Your Secret Sauce?

(Pixabay) When we profiled Oregon Teacher of the Year Matthew Bacon-Brenes this spring, we asked readers to tell us about the teachers doing amazing work in their community. That’s how we found Kaitlyn Duffy, a fifth-grade teacher at Kelly Elementary, Addy Kessler, a ceramics and product design teacher at Lincoln High, Sarah Lansing, an English […]

/ June 5, 2018

Members: We want to feature you!

We’re launching a feature where we include a member profile in our newsletter and on Instagram once per week so this awesome community can get to know one another. If you’re here, it means you’re one of our members, and we’d love for you to be one of the profilees! If you’re game, answer the […]

/ March 20, 2018