Pretend every Portland neighborhood is a 🥳 person at a party. Let’s have some 🎉 Reddit fun!

If each Portland neighborhood was a “person” and they were at a house party, what would each “person” be doing? That was the question Reddit user u/tkallgren23 asked in the Reddit channel, r/Portland. Now, if you’ve hesitated going on Reddit, because, well, why? – or you’ve kept putting it off for one reason or another – […]

/ February 11, 2022

Meet the Man Behind the @Portland Instagram

Marcus Harvey is a Portland-born, Nike-loving, Oregon Duck alum with his own apparel brand that celebrates Portland pride. “I loved the Blazers and Timbers, but the logos weren’t ‘Portland’ enough for me,” Marcus said, “so I just came up with Portland Gear.” He also created the @Portland Instagram handle, which now has over 380,000 followers. […]

/ February 1, 2022

How to Make Aebleskiver like a Pro Portland Chef

It’s no secret that Portlanders, who wait at least 90 minutes to snag a seat at their favorite spot, love their brunch. Broder Café is no exception. Since 2007, the Scandinavian eatery has perfected classic Nordic food with Pacific Northwest flair.  Their take on homemade Aebleskiver, also known as the “Danish Donut”, is two-inch spherical […]

/ January 8, 2022

Festivus: What is it and how does Portland celebrate it?

What do you know about the real Festivus festival? We have the scoop and how to do Festivus Portland-Style. What is Festivus? Is Festivus celebrated in Portland? How did Festivus originate? How is Festivus celebrated? What is Festivus Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the pressures and commercialism […]

/ December 22, 2021

Weird Portland – Holiday Lights

Craig Giffen, the creator of Problematic.TV, The Human Clock. The Human Calendar, the Pacific Crest Trail planner, Portland Free Crap and on and on (does he ever stop? We hope not!), brings back deee-lights. We’ve sat down to ask Giffen 8 very important questions about deee-lights, including, what they are. Bridgeliner: For those Portlanders who don’t know about […]

/ December 21, 2021

20 Questions with Painter J Wesley Willis

J Wesley Willis, a.k.a., John, is a talented oil painter from Portland, Oregon. But wait. The word talented falls way short of the complete eye explosion of beauty you encounter when you look at one of his paintings. The man brings to canvas what Wordsworth brought to the page. But Willis doesn’t believe that creating […]

/ December 14, 2021

Portland is weird and weirder because of this man

Craig Giffen is not your average weirdly cool human being. He is the probably the most diverse, creative, weirdly cool human being Portland has the honor to call their own. Yet, in all probability (and we don’t think it’s problematic… wink wink), Giffen is someone you don’t know by name, but the minute you hear […]

/ December 13, 2021

A Different Kind of Turkey for Thanksgiving Day – 3 Strikes!

Meet the Granddad of KingPins KingPins Portland hosts bowling leagues every day of the week for all ages, and if you go often enough, you’re just about certain to meet Dwight Sagli, aka the “granddad of KingPins.” Watch our video and then you’ll understand why this is THE Place to be on Thanksgiving in Portland! […]

/ November 22, 2021

Dungeness Crab – the season is now

Dungeness Crab – the season is now Why November? Because the crabs have stopped molting and it is right before the commercial crabbing season begins. Plus, who doesn’t like a little Dungeness Crab at the Thanksgiving table?! So we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about crabbing for Dungeness Crabs in Portland. […]

/ November 22, 2021

🐾 Here are the most “Portland” pet names

We’re looking at what you selected as the most “Portland” pet names and the results are 100% delightful and had us rolling on the floor chuckling.

/ September 3, 2021

🕳️ Dig into the history of the Woodstock Mystery Hole

Today we’re talking about the Woodstock Mystery Hole, its history, and the glorious importance of absurdity and fun. So grab your miner’s headlamp.

/ July 21, 2021

Going to Pickathon? Here’s How to Pedal There

📸: Amanda Cowan Pickathon is only a week away, and so is the group bike ride out to Pendarvis Farm. Thinking about tagging along next Thursday or Friday? Here’s what you need to know. WHERE TO MEET: Leave from Reed College in Southeast Portland. You’re allowed to leave a car and there will be a […]

/ July 14, 2021

I Fell In Love With Portland. Here’s Why.

Portland is a city of dreamers. We work nine-to-fives just long enough to launch our side hustles. We sell sneakers from Volkswagen vans and crowdfund projects that make a difference. We find quiet corners in the basement at Townshend’s or the Purple Room at Powell’s and sketch out crazy ideas that won’t make anyone rich, […]

/ July 5, 2021

🎤 Moshow is calling all “Cat People”

Moshow and his cats Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli have a new show on Netflix coming out this July. (📸: Courtesy of Nico Seabright) It’s Wednesday, Portland. And you know that means it’s time to get weird. Every week, we celebrate elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness in collaboration with Weird […]

/ June 23, 2021

Bridgeliner Fitness Guide — How to Get in Shape in Portland

Whether you’re looking to sculpt your beach bod, train for a race, or find a workout group to hold you accountable, our fitness guide has you covered. Get the scoop on some of Portland’s most beloved local yoga studios, fitness groups, team sports and hiking trails — and thank contributor Sarah Scrivens for all the […]

/ June 8, 2021

Run Together in Portland – or Join Up for Circuit Workouts

(📸: Sarah Scrivens/Bridgeliner) Where can I join other runners in Portland? Where can I go for group circuit training in Portland? 2 questions you might be asking yourself! If you need some extra accountability to stick to your fitness goals, try working out with the November Project, Portland Running Company, or Steelhead Coaching. Got another […]

/ June 8, 2021

Portland’s Urban Escapes—Where to Go Hiking in the City

Don’t have time to make it out to the Gorge or the Oregon Coast? Here are four urban hiking spots that’ll have you in and out in just a few hours. 1. RIDGE TRAIL (Forest Park) WHY IT’S AWESOME: One word: Proximity. Park near the west end of the St. John’s Bridge and make your […]

/ June 8, 2021

Best Yoga in Portland

Katie DiPasquale’s Power Yoga Sculpt class is one of the challenging full-body workouts at Firelight Yoga. (📸: Sarah Scrivens/Bridgeliner) Where is the best place to take yoga in Portland? 1.) Firelight Yoga What you need to know Perfect for true yoga fanatics Virtual and in-studio classes Heating and unheated rooms Hot Power Vinyasa is a […]

/ June 7, 2021

Bioluminescent Nights in the Hood Canal

A glowing view from a NASA satellite of the peak plankton bloom in 2017. (📸: NASA) TRY THIS: You don’t have to travel halfway across the world to see the extraordinary phenomenon of bioluminescence. Adventurers of the Pacific Northwest are in luck. You can grab a kayak and enjoy the shimmering sea in your very […]

/ June 5, 2021

Meet 4 Hot Sauce Bosses Who Are Spice Up Portland

If you love hot sauce, follow @wetwizardsauce, @hotmamasalsapdx, @kombuchahotsauce, and @secretaardvark on Instagram for more of this. ☝️ Portland’s food scene is probably best known for food trucks, vegan fare, and fusion cuisine — but maybe it’s time to add something else to that list: hot sauce. Portlanders seem to love it with everything from […]

/ May 31, 2021