Three local businesses (and artists!) to know

In recent newsletters, we’ve been sharing interviews with some amazing local businesses to know series! ICYMI, we’re talking with business owners who are a part of Planned Parenthood Columbia-Willamette’s Shared Window project. It started in 2020 to uplift the community by providing free ad space to small businesses and local artists. With the help of […]

/ August 4, 2022

Locals to Know: Portland musician 🎤 Blair Borax

Interesting scientific fact. The average person has, roughly, 100 trillion neural connections in their brain that send signals from one area to another so we can do everything we need to do. And these pathways can be rewired. What this means is that if you’ve been thinking negatively, you can actually “fake it until you […]

/ February 24, 2022

Disco/dancy🕺vibes, Off The Griddle vegan 🧇 waffles, and being the center of 🤩 attention

“I think part of the cultural problem with disinformation in America is exactly because people with celebrity power feel that they have a responsibility to address social issues. In return, we get a lot of celebrities/artists saying stupid shit cause they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. So in part, the onus […]

/ February 14, 2022

Taking on 💪 patriarchy, a rare disease, social responsibility (with a side order of Popeye’s Chicken) to become one of Portland’s most up and coming 🎵 musicians to know – an interview with Erin Adkisson

She’s been compared to Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, but comparisons fall short when describing Erin Adkisson’s voice. Yes, vocals are instruments unto themselves. And, yes, hers are genuine and gripping, sensual and powerful… but Adkisson has the extraordinary ability of turning hers into a completely unique instrument, with beats and rhythms that […]

/ January 26, 2022

An Interview with Portland Artist Joshua Flint

Joshua Flint’s work is based on images gathered from many sources, such as digitized museum archives, vintage shops, and social media platforms. His oil paintings elegantly blend nostalgia with the modern-day, crisp lines and blurred brushstrokes working together to create suggested narratives of intersecting lives. Using these sources for his paintings allows a certain distance […]

/ January 22, 2022

20 Questions with Painter J Wesley Willis

J Wesley Willis, a.k.a., John, is a talented oil painter from Portland, Oregon. But wait. The word talented falls way short of the complete eye explosion of beauty you encounter when you look at one of his paintings. The man brings to canvas what Wordsworth brought to the page. But Willis doesn’t believe that creating […]

/ December 14, 2021

10 Questions + 1 with Stephanie Strange of Strange and the Familiars

Supporting local artists and small businesses is the absolute best thing you could do with your dollars if you love Portland. Buy the tickets, go to the mom and pop spot, give a dollar or three a month to your favorite artist on Patreon, donate to the radio station and local paper. Put your money […]

/ December 7, 2021

An Interview with Portland Musician Rose Gerber

We recently spotlighted Rose Gerber’s song: The Fall. We let Rose know, and she kindly agreed to an interview, which we’ll just dive right into here. But, before we do, some info on her new shows coming up. See Rose Gerber and the Yellow Birds: • Starday Tavern on Saturday 12/4 at 7 pm. • […]

/ November 30, 2021

An Interview with Portland Musician: Nick Arneson

Portland has been my home for 20 years. Every year it’s the same …. when spring hits I can’t believe I get to live here. Can’t believe how happiness just floods in and seems to be everywhere I look. There is a time in Portland, maybe May-ish, where things are so green and bright that […]

/ November 29, 2021

😆 It’s a weird, long story with Megan Gazzo

We sat down with local comedian, goofball, and podcaster Megan Gazzo about her story-telling standup series Long Story Short.

/ August 18, 2021

😜 Throw your voice into the weird with Winifred McDonald & Skeeter

We interviewed local artist, ventriloquist, and all around badass Winnie McDonald and her friend from Party Animals, Skeeter, and their show this weekend.

/ July 14, 2021

🤗 This Portlander wants you to embrace your inner weirdo

We interviewed Eric Putman, about his background and his “Be Weird” art project inspiring folks to connect with their inner weirdness.

/ June 30, 2021

💖 Talking “deep, pragmatic work that’s a little revolutionary” with Q Center

We had the honor of interviewing the executive director of the Q Center, Ian Morton, on this incredible nonprofit, the pandemic, and the future.

/ June 25, 2021

🎤 Moshow is calling all “Cat People”

Moshow and his cats Black $avage, Sushi, Lil Parmesan, Mega Mam, and DJ Ravioli have a new show on Netflix coming out this July. (📸: Courtesy of Nico Seabright) It’s Wednesday, Portland. And you know that means it’s time to get weird. Every week, we celebrate elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness in collaboration with Weird […]

/ June 23, 2021

💉 Six questions with a vaccine volunteer

We spoke with volunteer and Bridgeliner reader Nick Schoeps, who helps distribute vaccines to Portlanders at the Oregon Convention Center.

/ May 21, 2021

🎥 Five questions with Filmed By Bike Festival’s Cheryl Green

We interviewed a local Portland documentary filmmaker and one of the many excellent directors featured in this year’s Filmed By Bike Festival, Cheryl Green.

/ May 18, 2021

🚴 Filmed By Bike Festival: 5 Questions with Ayleen Crotty

We interviewed Ayleen Crotty, the founder of the Filmed By Bike Festival, a film festival all about cycling stories created by local filmmakers.

/ May 14, 2021

📚 Reading the weird with author Nico Seabright

We’re with Weird Portland United’s secretary and communications manager as well as local children’s book author Nico Seabright.

/ May 12, 2021

🍺 The foamy culture of Portland pubs with Beerchaser Don Williams

We asked Don about Portland’s pub culture, what has helped define it, what has changed, and what has persisted and will continue to persist into the future.

/ April 23, 2021

🍻 Portlander Don Williams takes us beer chasing

We sat down with Portlander and Oregon’s original Beerchaser, Don “Dirt” Williams, who has reviewed nearly 400 bars on his blog since 2011.

/ April 9, 2021