10 Things We Learned about Portland’s Housing Crisis

For our latest Real Talk series, we dug into Portland’s housing and homelessness crisis and investigated the ways our community is addressing it. Here’s what we learned: 1. Housing supply is (finally) catching up with demand. Housing construction in Portland slowed to a crawl during the Great Recession just as the region’s population growth took off — and […]

/ January 30, 2019

Real Talk: What Can Be Done About Portland’s Housing Crisis?

From ballot measures to zoning changes to billionaire-backed shelter projects, there’s been a lot in the news lately about our city’s housing crisis. And it is a crisis. About 1,700 Portlanders sleep in cars, tents, or on the street every night. Thousands more rely on emergency shelters or transitional housing, and another 32,000 Portlanders are […]

/ January 29, 2019

Is Universal Housing Possible in Portland? Probably Not Without Uncle Sam

Universal housing vouchers would help all low-income renters who need the help the ability to afford housing in the private market.

/ January 29, 2019

Meet the People Making a Difference on Portland’s Homeless Crisis

If you feel compelled to help solve Portland’s homeless crisis, these are the people and organizations you can connect with to help make a difference.

/ January 29, 2019

Here’s One Way Portland has Almost Solved Homelessness

Multnomah County became the first West Coast community to reduce veteran homelessness to “functional zero.”

/ January 29, 2019

4 Policies That Are Slowing Gentrification In Portland (And 3 More That Could)

Portland’s housing crisis isn’t just about affordable housing and homelessness. So we dug into gentrification, which has happened faster in Portland lately than almost any other city in the country.

/ January 29, 2019

Why Portland is Getting Less Affordable

A Portlander asked us, “How has the ratio of affordable housing in the area kept pace (or not kept pace) with the population increase?” So we answered.

/ January 29, 2019

Portland Is Not a ‘Hub’ for Homelessness, With One Exception

Yes, people are moving to Portland. But only 11 percent of the people experiencing homelessness in our city moved here less than a year ago.

/ January 29, 2019

Portland Is Housing More People Than Ever. Here’s Why It’s Not Enough

Quantifying homelessness depends a lot on your definition of what it means to be homeless. Here’s what we know about those numbers in Portland so far.

/ January 29, 2019

Should Portland Grow In or Out? And Other Housing Qs

📸: Hector Chacon “How does Portland’s zoning and the metro area’s ‘infill philosophy’ contribute to homelessness and gentrification? Considering the available public transportation, might ‘outfill’ ease the crisis?” —Duncan McEwan We shared a little background on this question and the broader infill debate in today’s newsletter. Here’s what else we learned. The urban growth boundary The urban […]

/ January 16, 2019

Your Questions About Homelessness, Answered

📸: Multnomah County “How much does it cost the city to clean up the homeless camps? I see workers cleaning up the huge amount of stuff again and again.” Teri Prifach sent us that question shortly after the New York Times reported on the “dirtiest block in San Francisco,” detailing the daily cleanups that caused […]

/ January 9, 2019

What Should Civic Engagement Look Like in Portland?

We’ll spare you the full history of the Office of Community and Civic Life, its name change, and its evolving mission. The bottom line is this: The city agency responsible for engaging and listening to Portlanders of all stripes hasn’t always nailed that, and we want to help them get it right. Here’s the agency’s […]

/ December 13, 2018

Q&A with Eli Saslow, Author of ‘Rising out of Hatred’

Oregon Humanities’ new Think & Drink series is focused on the theme of “Journalism and Justice,” and Eli Saslow, author of “Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist,” was the featured guest in October. We caught up with Eli after the event to ask him some of the audience questions that got cut for […]

/ November 6, 2018

Here’s Who Portland Media Are Endorsing In November’s Election

The Oregon voters’ pamphlet is full of endorsements from every organization under the sun, but few of them do as much to break down the races and explain their endorsements as local media. Here’s a round-up of the editorial endorsements made by Portland media outlets so far. Note: We’re only including endorsements for contested local and […]

/ October 30, 2018

We’re Digging Into Portland’s Housing Crisis. What Do You Want to Know?

What do you want to know about Portland’s housing and homelessness crisis? Bridgeliner’s next Real Talk series will focus on big ideas and promising solutions that could help Portland dig out of this problem, but as always, we’re starting with your questions. To follow this project, subscribe to our newsletter for updates on what we’re learning and what […]

/ October 10, 2018

Want to Improve Graduation Rates? Focus on the Little Ones.

We’ve been talking this month about Oregon’s lowly high school graduation rate — and mostly focusing on what happens after kids start ninth grade. But Mark Holloway, CEO of Social Venture Partners Portland, says what happens before kindergarten might be just as important. Here’s what Mark told us about SVP’s goal to help all children in the […]

/ September 19, 2018

Real Talk: What’s the deal with juvenile justice in Oregon?

This month’s Real Talk series is all about Oregon’s juvenile justice system, including the impacts of Measure 11, the neuroscience behind sentencing reform, and the campaign to end our state’s ‘racist’ non-unanimous jury law. Real Talk In Oregon’s Justice System, Who Deserves a Second Chance? Real Talk ‘Oregon has a stain on its criminal justice […]

/ August 31, 2018

Volunteer to support youth in Oregon’s juvenile justice system

The marathon at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility has become an annual tradition — and donations help make it possible. (📸: Oregon Youth Authority) [infobox_default_shortcode header=”Real Talk: Juvenile Justice” img=”” color=”#8EC9C8″]This article is part of our Real Talk series on juvenile justice, which delves into how Oregon deals with kids who commit crimes through essays […]

/ August 29, 2018

‘Rehabilitation is Difficult, But Never Impossible’

[infobox_default_shortcode header=”Real Talk: Juvenile Justice” img=”” color=”#8EC9C8″]This article is part of our Real Talk series on juvenile justice, which delves into how Oregon deals with kids who commit crimes through essays from those who have been convicted, lawyers, lawmakers. Check out the entire Real Talk juvenile justice series. [/infobox_default_shortcode] Earlier this month, we kicked off […]

/ August 22, 2018

Why Are Innocent Kids Pleading Guilty in Oregon? Blame Measure 11.

(📸: Lessa Clayton) For juveniles, Measure 11 creates injustice from start to finish. Approved by Oregon voters in 1994, Measure 11 requires mandatory minimum prison sentences for a list of felonies, and it mandates that juveniles aged 15 and older are tried as adults if charged with these crimes. The harsh penalties of Measure 11 […]

/ August 14, 2018