🍩 And the winner is …

The announcement of who won the Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket. How far did your doughnut make it? What bracket should we do next? Let us know!

/ March 5, 2021

Weird Wednesdays: Into the future of Portland’s Weirdness

Brian Kidd, AKA The Unipiper, gazes with us into our crystal ball on the future of Portland’s amazing, unique, and beautiful weirdness.

/ March 3, 2021

🍩 Chomp on this Championship Round

Which of these two delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should be the Ultimate Portland Doughnut? Who will be the beast of yeast? Cast your vote now.

/ February 25, 2021

A Walk through the Weird with artist Cedar Lee

Portland artist Cedar Lee shares the beauty of interweaving the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty with our city’s desire for sustainability.

/ February 24, 2021

🍩 Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket: The Final Four

Which of these 4 delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should make it to our FINAL ROUND? Cast your vote now.

/ February 18, 2021

The Land of the Weird: The Portland Sleestak

Portlander Brent Marr, a.k.a. The Portland Sleestak, shares his journey of becoming our city’s lizard man, and the quirky joy of keeping Portland weird.

/ February 17, 2021

The Ultimate Portland Doughnut Bracket: Meet the Elite Ate — er Eight

Which of these 8 delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should make it to our Final Four? Cast your vote now.

/ February 11, 2021

💖 What Portlanders love about our city’s weirdness

We asked, you answered: Here is what Portlanders love about our city’s weirdness, from lightbulb stores, to open mindedness, and beyond.

/ February 10, 2021

Ultimate PDX Doughnut Bracket: The Sweet Sixteen

Which of these 16 delightfully delicious PDX doughnuts should make it to our Elite Eight Round? Cast your vote now.

/ February 4, 2021

Answering Portland’s ‘call of the weird,’ with The Unipiper

Portland’s own Unipiper walks us through our city’s weirdness, the creation of Weird Portland United, and how he became an unofficial ambassador of weird.

/ February 3, 2021