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where locals go for the Best Bruch in PortlandBest Brunch Spots in Portland – Where the Locals Go

Portland is known for its weirdness and for supporting local businesses, so you won’t find many locals hitting the chains for brunch. So what are the best brunch spots in Portland – where the locals go? Grab your napkin, pull your table up to the chair and get ready to drool – or eat!

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but we say move over breakfast. Brunch reigns!

Brunch is just better than breakfast, period! Brunch is breakfast on steroids! Brunch makes getting up on the weekends worth it! Longer stays at the table, bigger omelets, fluffier pancakes, amazing French toast, yummy waffles, all with a side order of hot lattes, Mimosas, and Bloody Marys.

If you haven’t started a ritual of at least a monthly brunch with friends, then now is the time. So where to go in Portland for the best brunch? Whether it’s avocado toast, eggs Benedict, flapjacks, breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, sunny side up eggs, or fill-in-your-best-brunch-item, we have the rundown on where the locals go for the most delicious brunches in Portland, Oregon. 

These are the best brunch spots in Portland – where the locals go to eat.

These are colorful, Portland-charming brunch eateries, with vegetarian, vegan, and hearty meat-eater menus, and seats ready to be pulled out for the most die-hard brunch lovers.

  • farm-to-table restaurant brunch
  • gastro-pub brunch
  • cafe brunch
  • bar brunch
  • uniquely, weird Portland brunch

Bridgeliner keeps locals up to date on the best places to brunch in town.

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/ May 28, 2021