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where locals go for the Best Bruch in Portland

Best Dessert Spots in Portland – Where the Locals Go

So you want to know where the best dessert spots in Portland – where the locals go – are? Grab your napkin and pull up a seat and get ready to drool!

Portland is known for its weirdness and for supporting local businesses, so you won’t find locals at any chain restaurant. Move over Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, etc. Instead, they’ll be heading to their home-grown hot spots for the best desserts. Portland is big on farm-to-table dining and organic food. So everything you eat in Portland isn’t just about fun dining, it’s mindful, too!

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but we say move over breakfast. Dessert reigns! And we have the best dessert spots in Portland – where the locals go – just for our Bridgeline readers.

Dessert is just better than any food on the planet. We might eyeball someone else’s slice of cheesecake or tiramisu, but if they’re eating it, we’re craving it. Life is too short not to steal someone’s dessert and make them order another. If you’re worried about the extra calories, walk home! But eat dessert!

Regular desserts, vegan and gluten-free – they are just waiting to tempt you. Portland, of course, offers the norm: classic carrot cakes, peach cobblers, bananas foster, bourbon bread pudding, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream, and all gelatos and ice cream flavors you can think of – plus snickerdoodles everything. But branch out and discover some real Portland-perfect desserts. Bittersweet chocolate flan, strawberry rhubarb cheesecake, strawberry basil cheesecake, honey chocolate profiteroles (and, yes, even fois gras profiteroles – they’re better than you can ever imagine!). You can even build your own crepes, hello!?!?!?!

Whether it’s a double chocolate brownie creme pie, a chocolate dulce de leche tart, a chocolate chunk cookie,
A peanut butter mousse torte or a triple scoop of your favorite ice creams, we’ve picked out the best desserts spots in Portland – where the locals go to eat.

These are colorful, Portland-charming dessert eateries, and the seats are ready to be pulled out for the most die-hard dessert lovers.

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Bridgeliner keeps locals up to date on the Best Desserts Spots in Portland – Where the Locals Go

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