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Best Dinner Spots in Portland – Where the Locals Go. Portland is known for its weirdness and for supporting local businesses, so you won’t find many locals hitting the chains for their evening meals. Instead, they’ll be heading to their home-grown hot spots for the best dinners. Portland is big on farm-to-table dining, organic food, humanely raised meats. So dinner in Portland isn’t just fun, it’s mindful!

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but we say move over breakfast. dinner reigns!
Dinner is better than breakfast and lunch, combined. The day has come to an end, and it’s time to unwind around the table with friends and family and that special someone.
The wonderful thing about dinner in Portland is that your restaurant choice is vast. Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Argentinean, French, Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian – Portland has you covered.
Fine dining, gastro-pub dining, dining at a diner, food trucks, dining by the lake, dining with a mountain view – it’s all here in Portland.
Now might be a good time to consider a ritual, monthly dinner out with friends or family. But where to go in Portland for the best evening meal?
If you’re jonesing for spaghetti bolognese, rigatoni al ragu, shepherd’s pie, lamb kabobs, shrimp fajitas, homemade lasagna, Honeycrisp apple and quinoa salad, yellowfin tuna Nicoise, duck confit & cherries, lobster tortelloni, Peruvian-marinated roasted tofu, grilled Alaskan halibut…. do we dare go on….. you can probably find it in Portland.
We have the rundown on where the locals go for the most delicious dinners and evening meals in Portland, Oregon.
These really are the best dinner spots in Portland – where the locals go to eat.
These are colorful, Portland-charming dinner eateries, with vegetarian, vegan, and hearty meat-eater menus, and seats ready to be pulled out for the most die-hard dinner lovers.

farm-to-table restaurant dinner
gastro-pub dinner
cafe dinner
bar dinner
uniquely, weird Portland dinner

Bridgeliner keeps locals up to date on the best places to have an evening meal – dinner! – in town.

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