Trump Is Sowing Fear Ahead of the Census. Jordan Hernandez Is Pushing Back.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who became a Bridgeliner member to help make this project possible. Here are the profiles from Jordan’s series “We Count: Latinx Portland in 2020.”

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If the 2020 Census is accurate, Oregon will get more representation in Congress, more federal funding, and more new businesses.

But getting an accurate Census count means making sure all communities feel safe to participate — and the Trump administration has been making that hard to even imagine.

That’s why we’re supporting “We Count: Latinx Portland in 2020,” a project by our newest contributor, Jordan Hernandez, that will highlight and celebrate Portland’s Latinx community in this Census year.

Jordan’s project will showcase a side of Portland that’s often ignored in the conversation about “America’s whitest city” — a side that now includes more than 300,000 of our neighbors and a growing number of our city’s artists, business owners, and elected officials

Jordan is starting her project with a series of profiles that will appear in the Bridgeliner newsletter next month, and she’s also helping plan an event to mobilize Portlanders this spring around Latinx-led community projects, including canvassing for the Census. 

And that’s where we need your help. The Bridgeliner contributor network is powered by our supporting members, and we’re setting a lofty goal of 50 new members this month to fully fund Jordan’s project. 

By becoming a member, you’ll be directly supporting Jordan’s work and also getting access to our members-only newsletter, event discounts, ticket giveaways, and other perks. 

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