😎 It’s a kick-your-feet-up kind of Friday and a Portland 🥒 mystery has finally been solved

That Time When the World Panicked!

For those who don’t know the story, the Portland Pickles Baseball mascot, Dillon T. Pickle, was coming back from being on tour, when Delta airlines lost him. Days later, they delivered him to the Portland Pickles office after hours in the dark, without any notification. Not long after the delivery, someone stole the bag, with Dillon inside.

The mystery of his kidnapping was finally solved this week when an individual, who was riding a public bus, went to inspect a bag that some kids had been playing with before they disembarked. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, immediately recognized the world-famous pickle head, and brought the bag to Voodoo Doughnuts (knowing they had worked with the Pickles in the past and that Voodoo had put up a reward for information leading to his return). He did not want any of the rewards. Being a true Portlander, he only wanted Dillon to be returned home.

But before he was returned….

the world panicked!

The Wall Street Journal ran a story:

The Portland Pickles Mascot Has Vanished. The Team, an Airline and the Cops Are in Pursuit.

So did N.P.R.:

We don’t relish telling you this, but it’s kind of a big dill: The Portland Pickles baseball team says their beloved mascot, Dillon T. Pickle, has been stolen, and are seeking the public’s help in bringing him home safe.

ABC 7 Chicago Tweeted:

Are you helping in the hunt to find @picklesbaseball ? @Cubs @whitesox 

MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM tweeted:

What should @Mike_Ferrin and @Jim_Duquette talk about at 12:50 ET? 

with this attached photo






… and businesses jumped in to help (and jumped on the marketing bandwagon, too). 

Adventist Health PDX tweeted:

Dillon’s sweet babies have arrived, and his family is heartbroken he’s not here with them. off at a police station, the Pickles porch or our ER 24/7, no questions asked! #DillonStrong #thesearchforDillon #missingpickle

with this attached photo

Mascots from teams across not just America, but the world, sent out their S.O.S. Tweets. 


The Florida Aquarium (🌎#FloridaAquarium) tweeted:

🚨ATTENTION @picklesbaseball🚨  Could this be Dillon T. Pickle posing as a “tourist” in Tampa, Florida?? #SeaCucumber #FindDillon

With this video









… and, of course, being the Pickles, they kept up our morale with a little humor:

@Delta tweeted
Where should you go on your next trip?

Start here to get our recommendation!

To with the Portland Pickles tweeted back
We can’t take our mascot on any trip because he was stolen

Valentines came along and the Pickles tweeted out a profound 😉 message

#HappyValentinesDay from the Pickles! Cherish the time you have with your loved ones, you never know when they might be stolen off your front porch #FindDillon💚

With this photo








Fred Sharples tweeted
This Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop mascot was stolen in 2009. Months later it was discovered in the background of a photo and eventually returned. There is hope.
With this photo
ok but seriously we don’t condone stealing but we understand this one.

And mascots from all over the world united!

Kingsport Axmen from Tennessee tweeted:

Axmen here, Tanasi is not too happy today as one of his fellow mascot friends has been taken from his fam! If you or anyone you know has seen our guy Dillon, get in touch with @picklesbaseball ‼️#FindDillon

Charleston Dirty Birds from West Virginia tweeted:

The @picklesbaseball asked us to hang these around town to help #finddillon

Las Vegas Aviators tweeted:

We’re on the lookout to #FindDillon 🥒 Have you seen him?? @picklesbaseball

Golden Locotami from Pennsylvania tweeted:

On the hunt for @picklesbaseball missing mascot Dillon T. Pickle in Altoona, but all we found were these pickles. ☹️

Binghamton Rumble Ponies from NY tweeted:

The @picklesbaseball are missing their mascot, Dillon T. Pickle. Please help bring Dillon back home.

Omaha Storm Chasers from Kansas City tweeted:

We are sending you our thoughts, Dillon needs to come home!

New Hampshire Fisher Cats tweeted

We haven’t seen Dillon yet, but we’ll let you know. Our #1 detective is on the case @picklesbaseball!

Cleburne Railroaders from Texas tweeted:

We need YOU to help #FindDillon ! this is a huge dill. 🥒 @picklesbaseball

Carolina Disco Turkeys from N.C. tweeted:

Portland Porch @Pirates have swiped one of the best mascots in baseball! We may be out on the East Coast, but Boogie has taken to the streets just in case

Orange County SC Pro Soccer Team tweeted:

Gnarly needs your help finding his fellow mascot friend Dillon @picklesbaseball who was recently taken from his Portland home. Spread the word ‼️ 

Madison Mallards from Wisconsin tweeted:

Our friends @picklesbaseball are looking for their stolen mascot Dillon! We know the feeling, as our ballpark Maynard bobblehead has been headless since it suddenly went missing last summer.  Let’s hope for better luck in bringing Dillon home! #FindDillon 🥒🦆

Even mascots outside of the U.S. jumped in to help:

Prince Albert Raiders from Canada tweeted:

We’ve got your back, @picklesbaseball

Venados de Mazatlán (from Mexico) tweeted:

Dillon where are you? 😭😭😭 @picklesbaseball

And so many businesses (and some people) contributed awards for those who might come forward with information to help find Dillon:

By February 12th, the Portland Pickles set up a rewards post for people tweet their award offers, with the following message:

help find dillon, receive incredible prizes. this list is absolutely crazy and worth up to $253,773. check the thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

@picklesbaseball: we sell merchandise that has our stolen mascot dillon on it here:

@picklesbaseball: for those of you asking

And the rewards poured in. 

Caleb Webb: I’ve started a Go Fund Me with a $1000 goal to help supplement the reward for his return or help fund a replacement suit

Wickles Pickles: is offering $1000 worth of Wickles Pickles products and merchandise for any info leading to the safe return of Dillon T. Pickle!

Deschutes Brewery: is offering 2 @trailblazers club level seats to the February 27th game against the @nuggets as a reward!

Eastside Distilling:  is offering a bottle of Burnside Bourbon as well! #FindDillon

Pinwheel Empire: is throwing in 2 lower bowl tickets to @trailblazers vs. @okcthunder!

Official League: will provide 1 limited edition, un-gettable Pickles hat! oh yeaaaaaah

MANSCAPED: with the Lawn Mower 4.0! Clutch – Lawn Mowner 4.0, aka ball trimmer, good for pickle maintenance

Belligerent Beavs: is tossing in a shirt! probably a shirt with a beaver on it if we had to guess

Amazed Blazers Worldwide: is giving a Mitchell & Ness Sabonis jersey! blazers legend

Atlas Pizza PDX:  has 2 hot pizzas with knots and a salad for a hungry detective out there with info on Dillon

Lime: with $20 in free rides! scoot dootle doot doot

Baseball Bucket List: will provide a free shirt from their shop 👀

Lardo: will give $50 worth of sandwiches to whomst-ever brings our sweet Dill home

GRASSA: providing the pasta! $50 worth of the good stuff

Burlington Sock Puppets: providing the drip! free hat for info that brings us our missing Dillon

Clone-A-Willy (a DIY penis & vulva molding kits business):  is putting up 2 of their famous kits! 

Fat Kid Deals: with a $25 amazon card! think of the possibilities. bring dillon home

Powell’s Books: with the six-pack of pickle picks for the safe return of Dillon! essential reading

Foster Outdoor:  coming in clutch with a $50 gift card! They’ve got some amazing outdoor gear to choose from!

Leatherman: coming in clutch with an amazing 12 piece multi tool- the Leatherman Free T4 in the Evergreen (or pickle green) colorway!

Wag! (the #1 App for Pet Parents – we take the stress out of pet parenting by connecting you to Pet Caregivers to help care for your pets.):  with the swag! This amazing wind breaker could be yours with information leading to Dillon being returned! https://wagwalking.com

New Belgium: Portland Pickles@picklesbaseball·Feb 11.@newbelgium is offering a Burger & Beer package for Show Bar @RevHallpdx (by @voodooranger)! Yumm🍔🍻 #FindDillon

Dominic Sergi (Professional Doodler & Photographer): offering up an amazing framed dillon drawing! The rewards keep getting better and better!

Voodoo Doughnut: sweetens the pot with a dillicious offer: 12 Free Voodoo Dozen coupons!

1051 The Buzz: with an insane add: 2 tickets to @AJRBrothers  at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheatre 6/15, 2 tickets to @DaisyTheGreat  at The Wonder Ballroom 3/25, and 2 tickets to @Imaginedragons at The Moda Center 3/9! #FindDillon

Portland Leather: comes through with the full-grain leather tote!

Bootstrap Brewing: throwing in 2 six packs (12 beers or 144 fluid ounces) of their pickle beer, Pickle Me Up!

The Columbian: comes in with the ‘Classic Est. 1890 Crewneck Sweatshirt’ ! The best news source in Vancouver, WA is all in on finding Dillon.

503 Distilling: with the package- Distillery tour and tasting for 4 @ 503 Distilling and some 503 Distilling gear for the actual gumshoe that helps crack the case.

Rob Cornelius (Pluviophile; trying to reign it in):  i’ll add a @Dame_Lillard rookie card to the list if you’ll have it—maybe he’ll sign it! @trailblazers

Burlington Sock Puppets: Add this to the reward! (A sock puppet cap!)

PNW Goose: prepared to offer my Ridgefield Raptors bobble-head for any info that leads to the arrest of this culprit

Tumblr 🎂🎈🥳 BDay Party: We’re gonna throw in a free Tumblr account.

(The Pickles declined, since it was free anyway.)

Idaho Falls Chukars: Free Chukars hat too

United States Of Dramerica: offer to interview him (or a proxy) on our podcast if he is ever recovered.

(The Pickles declined, since Dillion doesn’t talk.)

J (Fan of teams that cause me infinite pain and I love it): I’ll take a selfie, sign it and award it to the finder of Dillon.

Moptropica Studios: we’ll pitch in a twitter banner/pfp (◠‿◠)

Take A Pitch: We will throw in a shirt as well!

Spencer (ඞ joe burrow dick rider): I can mail a signed picture of me in my basement wearing my Portland pickle socks 🙂

Coyote (Pants should be optional !):  I will donate you any of the following costumes:
-stick of butter
-PB and/or J
-any of these other foods

Lil P’: will donate 1 hour of his time to help with any cleaning or landscaping. Blessed 😇

Finally Dillon was rescued

And in true Portland Pickle style, to bring the story to conclusion, the Portland Pickles held a news conference, and then reposted a photo on social media from January (a photo that had gotten them a little bit of flack for being, well, a little too COCKY), so that everyone could see that Dillon The Pickle was safely back home.

Welcome home, Dillon!