Going to Pickathon? Here’s How to Pedal There

Pickathon is only a week away, and so is the group bike ride out to Pendarvis Farm.

Thinking about tagging along next Thursday or Friday? Here’s what you need to know.

WHERE TO MEET: There are four options for joining a ride — two that leave from Velo Cult Bike Shop in Northeast Portland and two that leave from Reed College in Southeast Portland. You’re allowed to leave a car at either location, and there will be a return ride on Monday morning. You can find all the details here.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The ride is between 10 and 14 miles depending on your starting spot, and it includes plenty of breaks for water and popsicles (both provided). You’ll be riding with about 30-35 other festival-goers, plus a few volunteers who tote around the water jugs, deal with any mechanical issues, and patch any scraped knees. Here’s the route from Velo Cult, and here’s the route from Reed College.

WHAT TO BRING: All you really need for the ride itself is a bike and a water bottle (you can never have enough water) — but most people show up with all their gear and belongings for the weekend. Whatever you don’t want to carry on the ride will be loaded into a U-Haul and transported to Pendarvis for you.

LAST THING—DON’T LEAVE DUFFMAN HANGING: One of the ride’s co-organizers has a tradition of dressing up as Duffman from the Simpsons, but apparently he doesn’t usually get any costumed company. We’d be stoked if a Bridgeliner reader changed that. (Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram if you do.)

We’re partnering with Pickathon to help get Portland ready for the big weekend. Check the newsletter next Monday for more on the music at this year’s festival.