Why Bud Clark is so Special to Goose Hollow

It’s hard to love a mayor more than Portlanders love Ted Wheeler, but our city sure gave it a good run with Bud Clark.

Bud opened the Goose Hollow Inn in 1967, and with the help of tavern regulars and neighborhood activists, he won Portland’s 1984 mayoral race in an upset that almost no one saw coming.

Today, the Goose Hollow Inn is known for its “best on the planet” reuben and sunny outdoor patio, and Bud can sometimes still be spotted there enjoying a beer.

“I’ve always looked at taverns as a community,” Bud Clark, owner of the Goose Hollow Inn, said. “I always thought it ought to be a place where people come and talk about religion and politics and all these subjects that people always argue about, but don’t get mad at each other and be peaceful.”

Visit the Goose Hollow Inn for their famous reuben and an ice cold beer. They’re open Saturday-Thursday 11am-12am and Friday 11am-1am.