Best Yoga in Portland

Where is the best place to take yoga in Portland?

1.) Firelight Yoga

  • What you need to know
    • Perfect for true yoga fanatics
    • Virtual and in-studio classes
    • Heating and unheated rooms
    • Hot Power Vinyasa is a challenging full-body workout 
  • What type of yoga classes does Firelight Yoga offer?
    • Power Vinyasa
    • Sculpt II
    • Deep Stretch
    • Gentle Flow
    • Hot Gentle Flow
    • Hot FLY60
    • Hot Vinyasa
    • Hot Power Vinyasa
    • Warm Deep Stretch
    • Warm Sculpt I
    • Warm Sculpt II
    • Warm Vinyasa Flow
    • Warm Yin

Address: 1475 N Killingsworth St.
Phone: 503-972-1987
Website: Firelight Yoga


2.) Unfold Portland

  • What you need to know
    • Perfect for challenged bodies, older bodies, bigger bodies – you’ll fit right in, comfortably!
    • These might be the most nurturing yoga professionals in Portland.
  • What type of yoga classes does Unfold Yoga offer?
    • Unfold Stretch & Relax
    • Unfold Meditation
    • Unfold Flow
    • Unfold Strength & Balance

Address: 2370 SE 37th Ave
Phone: (503) 349-8883
Website: Unfold Portland


3.) The Circus Project

  • What you need to know
    • The Circus Project is Portland’s center for contemporary circus arts.
    • Classes are offered for adults and youth.
    • They offer Aerial Yoga which involves a suspended fabric sling that helps you do traditional yoga postures in new ways.
    • Friendly for beginners and tailor to your needs
    • Perfect for Portland fun
    • Perfect for a great place to go on a date in Portland!

  • What other type of classes does the Circus Project offer

    • Active Flex
    • Contortion 1 – 3
    • Ground Conditioning for Aerialists
    • Handbalancing 1 -3
    • Juggling 1 – 2
    • Juggling: Improve Your Technique

Address: 1420 NW 17th Ave. #388
Phone: 503-764-9174
Website: Circus Project


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