Here’s to Keeping Portland Special As Our City Grows

It’s no secret we think Portland is one special place — but we also know that keeping our city special as it grows will sometimes mean looking and learning beyond our borders.

That’s why we travelled to the Bay Area last month to learn what’s working (and what’s not) for the region as it deals with population growth even more dramatic than Portland’s.

And it’s why we’re thankful to have amazing sponsors like CTL and LPC West who help make that work possible.

Like us, our friends at CTL and LPC West are invested in Portland’s future and committed to making this an incredible place to work, live, and play.

If you haven’t met them yet, CTL makes Chrome technology and solutions to facilitate growth, learning, and understanding to people of all ages, and LPC West provides visionary real estate service — from development to construction to property management — that creates value for its clients.

We really like them, and we’d love for you to support them. 💖

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