A 110-Year-Old Fraternity Lives On at the Kenton Masonic Temple

The Kenton Masonic Temple in North Portland is either the home of a clandestine fraternity that secretly runs the world, or it’s a good place to get a haircut. It just depends who you ask.

The historic building was renovated in 2011, and it now doubles as the home for Bart’s Barbershop, Kenton Cycle Repair, and Comic Cave PDX.

But its masonic roots still live on. The Kenton Freemasons continue to host weekly meetings there, and despite all the rumors and conspiracy theories, they seem to be a pretty down-to-earth crowd. (Or at least that’s what they want us to believe!)

Check out the video, and if you know something about the Masons that we’re not privy to, hit reply and let us know.

Updated from a 2019 post.