Mega Wheel Live Casino Game

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Pragmatic Play’s highly anticipated Live Mega Wheel Canada, the provider’s first foray into the exciting world of live game shows. This innovative offering promises an electrifying experience where a winning spin can pay out up to a staggering 500 times your bet!

While Live Mega Wheel is not the first live entertainment game of its kind, it sets itself apart with a unique twist. Unlike other “wheels of fortune” games like Dream Catcher and Spin a Win, where multipliers have to be won before they can be applied to a number, Pragmatic Live Mega Wheel takes a different approach.

In this game, a Random Number Generator (RNG) selects a multiplier and assigns it to one of the numbers before the spin takes place. This added element of anticipation heightens the excitement of every spin, especially if you have placed a bet on the number that has been boosted with the multiplier.

Pragmatic Play’s Live Mega Wheel Canada is a testament to the provider’s commitment to innovation and their ability to deliver fresh and engaging live casino experiences. With its captivating gameplay and the potential for massive payouts, this game is sure to become a hit among thrill-seekers and live casino enthusiasts alike.

Mega Wheel Canada Game Details

Mega Wheel is much more than just a game; it’s a spectacle that transports you into a world where the excitement of a game show melds seamlessly with the classic thrill of casino gaming. This is the essence of Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel. At its heart is a giant, colorful wheel operated by live hosts who are not just dealers but entertainers, bringing a human touch to the online casino experience. These charismatic personalities engage with players in real-time, adding to the game’s dynamic and immersive environment.

NameMega Wheel
ProviderPragmatic Play
TypeLive TV Game
Streaming FromRomania (or location may vary)
Bet Range€/$ 0.10 – €/$ 1,000
Max Win€/$ 500,000
Supported PlatformsDesktop, Mobile, Tablet
Supported OSWindows, MacOS, iOS, Android
LanguagesEnglish, German, Italian, Spanish (and potentially more)

How to Play Mega Wheel in Canada?

Using the betting options at the bottom of the screen, you place your bets before the timer runs out. You can choose to bet on the 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and/or 40 segments. These numbers represent the multiplier of your stake that you will win if they come in (assuming you bet on the number). That means on any given round, you have 9 betting options. You can wager on one, several, or all numbers.

The higher the value, the fewer instances on the wheel and the more it pays when you win. For example, the best standard payout is 40x if the wheel stops on the single 40 segment. Conversely, the number 1 appears 20 times but only pays 1x your stake.

Once the timer ends, the live host takes over, randomly assigning a multiplier between 50x and 500x to one segment before spinning the wheel. Your bets are then settled based on the result, and a new round begins.

Mega Wheel Number Segments

The Live Mega Wheel Canada contains fifty-four segments split across nine numbers:


The Multipliers

The multipliers are assigned by an RNG engine before each spin. However, while the biggest multiplier is 500x, this isn’t available on every number.

  • 1 can have a maximum multiplier of 100x
  • 2 has a max multiplier of 200x
  • 5, 8 & 10 have maximum multipliers of 250x
  • 15, 20, 20 & 40 have a maximum of 500x

So you can see that the higher payouts are reserved for the numbers that come in less frequently. Another point to note is these are maximum figures and are unlikely to occur that frequently.

How to Bet on Live Mega Wheel

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with Mega Wheel:

  1. Find a reputable live casino offering Mega Wheel. Many online casinos in Canada provide access to this popular game show.
  2. Join the game during an active round. You’ll typically have a short window to place your bets before the spinning commences.
  3. Choose your chip value and bet placement. Mega Wheel features several numbered segments, each with its own payout multiplier. Decide which numbers you want to wager on and how much you’d like to bet on each.
  4. Watch the live dealer spin the giant wheel. The anticipation builds as the wheel spins, and you wait to see where it lands.
  5. Celebrate your wins! If the wheel stops on a number you bet on, you’ll be awarded a payout based on the corresponding multiplier.

Remember, responsible gambling is key. Always set a budget and stick to it.

Features of the Mega Wheel Live Casino Gameshow

Mega Wheel takes inspiration from classic casino games like roulette, offering a simplified yet thrilling experience. Here are some key features that make Mega Wheel Canada so popular:

  • Simple Gameplay: No complex rules to learn, just choose your numbers and watch the wheel spin.
  • Exciting Multiplier Feature: A random “Mega Lucky Number” is chosen with each spin, potentially boosting the payout on a winning number. Multipliers can range from 2x to a staggering 50x!
  • Live Dealer Interaction: Interact with the friendly and engaging live dealer who adds to the atmosphere and excitement.
  • Fast-Paced Rounds: Games are quick and dynamic, keeping you on the edge of your seat.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Enjoy a seamless and immersive experience with crystal-clear visuals and audio.

Payouts and Return to Player (RTP)

Mega Wheel offers a range of potential payouts depending on the number you bet on and the corresponding multiplier. The payout for each number is displayed on the screen before placing your bet.  The overall Return to Player (RTP) for Mega Wheel typically falls within the industry standard for live casino games, usually around 95-96%. This means, on average, for every $100 wagered, the game pays out around $95-$96 over the long term.

1Yellow1:123 sectors
2Blue1:115 sectors
5Purple2:17 sectors
10Green3:13 sectors
20Orange5:12 sectors
40Red10:11 sector

Conquering the Mega Wheel: Unveiling Effective Betting Strategies

Mega Wheel’s Canada captivating simplicity begs the question: what’s the best way to bet? Here’s a breakdown of popular strategies to help you maximize your live casino game show experience:

1. Covering All Numbers – A Calculated Risk:

This strategy involves placing a small bet on every number. While tempting, it’s a high-risk approach. The potential payoff from a lucky multiplier win early on can be attractive, but the odds are stacked against you in the long run. Consider it a fun option for short bursts, but use caution with your bankroll.

2. Targeting a Single Number with a Multiplier Boost:

Here, the key is analyzing the balance between a number’s frequency of winning and its potential multiplier. Take a close look at the payout table. Numbers like 2 and 5 often appear, offering a decent chance of a return, albeit with a smaller multiplier. This strategy prioritizes steady wins over chasing the big jackpots.

3. A Strategic Selection – Spreading Your Bets:

This approach involves a calculated spread of bets across the board. Here’s an example:

  • 5 bets on number 1 (high frequency, low multiplier)
  • 3 bets on number 2 (higher frequency, moderate multiplier)
  • 1 bet on number 10 (medium frequency, decent multiplier)
  • 1 bet on number 20 (low frequency, high multiplier)

This covers half the wheel, offering a 2:1 chance of landing a winning number. It balances risk and reward, aiming for consistent wins with the potential for a substantial payout.

4. Leveraging Mega Wheel Statistics (with a grain of salt):

The game interface often displays past spin statistics. While tempting to base your bets solely on this information, remember: Mega Wheel is a game of chance, and past results don’t guarantee future outcomes. Use these statistics as a supplementary tool, not a definitive guide.

Ultimately, the best Mega Wheel strategy is one that aligns with your risk tolerance and playing style. Experiment, track your results, and have fun!


Mega Wheel offers a thrilling blend of simplicity, suspense, and massive potential payouts. Whether you’re a seasoned live casino game show enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Mega Wheel has something to offer. With its easy-to-understand gameplay, engaging live dealer experience, and exciting multiplier feature, Mega Wheel provides a truly captivating and dynamic online casino experience. Remember, responsible gambling is key. Always set a budget and play for fun!

Live Mega Wheel FAQ

What is Pragmatic Live Mega Wheel?

Pragmatic Live Mega Wheel is a captivating live casino game show developed by Pragmatic Play. It features a giant wheel with numbered segments and multipliers, offering a chance to win big with a simple yet exciting format.

Is there a strategy for playing Live Mega Wheel?

While Mega Wheel is a game of chance, there are some strategies you can consider to potentially enhance your gameplay experience. These include covering all numbers (high risk, high reward), targeting a single number with a multiplier boost (prioritizes steady wins), or spreading your bets across the board (balances risk and reward). Ultimately, the best strategy is the one that aligns with your risk tolerance and playing style.

Can I play Live Mega Wheel for free?

Unfortunately, live casino games, including Mega Wheel, are typically not available in a free-play mode due to the involvement of real-time dealers. However, some online casinos might offer bonus promotions or demo versions of similar game shows.

Is Mega Wheel rigged?

Mega Wheel, like all reputable live casino games, is operated using a Random Number Generator (RNG) certified by independent testing agencies. This ensures fair and random outcomes on every spin.

What are similar games to Mega Wheel?

If you enjoy the excitement of Mega Wheel, you might also like other live casino game shows offered by various providers. These include Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming, and Deal or No Deal by Evolution Gaming. Each game offers a unique twist on the live game show experience.