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Nov 20 2020

🌆 The story of 'Stumptown'

Plus, our continued giveaway

It’s Friday!

And frankly, it’s been a very long newsweek full of important COVID-19 updates, angry chairwomen defying state-mandated restrictions, and statistics on the Por
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Nov 19 2020

👑 Shine’s new ‘drag-thru’ brings the glitz and glam

Plus, I Spy location revealed.

Welcome to Thursday.

A very warm thank you to reader Rachel S., who let us know one of her favorite local PDX food spots to snag tasty takeout.

Bullards does amazing takeout,” Rachel told us. “The food is super tasty. What sets them apart is that the food tastes great when you get it home — in my case, that’s a 45 minute drive. The meals are designed to be reheated at home — nothing more
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Nov 18 2020

🚨6,000+ PPB uses of force in five months

Plus, some dam fine beavers

Welcome to Wednesday.

And it’s 🍎 National Education Support Professionals Day 🍎. So if you have any educators in your lives, pick up the phone and give them a call, or send them a handwritten note to let them know you’re thankful for the knowledge they passed on to you.

In my case that means I’m going to need to call, lik
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Nov 17 2020

🔒Statewide lockdown starts tomorrow

Plus, a game of I Spy for our members

Welcome to Tuesday.

Today we’re having a look at how Portland officials are responding to Gov. Kate Brown’s lockdown announcement, how Oregon restaurants are asking for support, a new documentary on the Portland protests, a touching animated tribute, meteor showers, and how the Unipiper wants you to stay safe and healthy.

Our Bridgeliner Unabridged members get to play another game of I Spy — and I think this one may be a doozy. Want to join in on the fun? read more

Nov 13 2020

📚 Small business spotlight: North Avenue Education

Plus, 50 years of The Exploding Whale

It’s Friday!

We wanted to remind you all that 50 years ago a whale was blown up with dynamite on the Oregon Coast.

Which you can watch here. And enjoy KATU’s Paul Linnman’s fantastic pronunciation of the word “wuh-hale.”

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Nov 12 2020

🚫 The dos and don'ts of Lockdown Part II

Plus, a rock n’ roll kitty

Welcome to Thursday.

Lookit that — today is National French Dip Day! And I’m not talking about someone from Paris having a bath; we’re talking sandwiches layered with meat and dipped into warm au jus drippings. The whole meal and the process of eating one of these things is delightful — savory, juicy, and the bread is a perfect vessel for the drippings.

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Nov 11 2020

🎸 Former PDX rockstar now slinging brisket

Plus, Portlanders popped some suds

Welcome to Wednesday.

Is it just me or is it getting chillier? Apparently it’s not just me, because the National Weather Service predicts snow for the Cascade Range, and Portland looks like it’s gonna see some more rain in the coming week.

Interested in what PDX rainy day item you are? Don’t worry, we have a quick guide for that.<
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Nov 10 2020

😷 Oregon's COVID-19 cases are a wake-up call

But a vaccine could be on the way

Welcome to Tuesday.

In fact, one of the nicest Tuesdays I’ve seen in a good long while — thinking back to a week ago and covering local and national election results until the wee hours of the morning for last Wednesday’s newsletter, strung out on coffee, and biting my nails down to the quick.

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Nov 06 2020

🏡 Get nosy with our PDX rental guide

Plus, the last chance to enter our giveaway

It’s Friday!

Folks we did it — we made it to the end of the week. However you got here, to be with us this morning, thank you and I am so proud of you for making it through a historically stressful week.

A very sweet thank you to Suzanne V. (one of our many I Spy champs) for reaching out with one of her favorite PDX doughnut shops: Angel’s Doughnuts & Ice Cream.

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Nov 05 2020

😋 Stop doomscrolling and make these tamales

Plus, I Spy location revealed

Welcome to Thursday.

And what do you know? It’s National Doughnut Day today — one of two national doughnut days, the other being celebrated in June. It’s so nice, we did it twice.

Stumptown shines strong on the doughnut front; so take time today to tuck into one of these PDX classics. One of your faves not on t
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