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Mar 22 2019

🚴 That time socialism and cycling came together

Plus: A stargazer’s guide to Portland
Hey hey, it's Friday, and before getting to some big news about Portland's Biketown fleet, we thought we'd pay tribute to our city's first bike-sharing program, the Yellow Bike Project. It sure was fun while it lasted...
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Mar 21 2019

🍽️ A taste of Peru in the heart of Portland

Plus: The antidote to anti-vaxxers
Welcome to Thursday, and welcome to summer spring! Our neighborhood spotlight on the Pearl District takes a tasty turn today. We stopped by Andina, a longstanding Peruvian hotspot that lets diners dive deep into the many layers of Latin American cuisine.
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Mar 20 2019

💊 What we learned about drug addiction and homelessness

Plus: Did anyone see FLOTUS?
It's Wednesday, y'all, and if you were lucky enough to get tickets to see Michelle Obama last night, hit reply and tell us about it! We think our all-access press pass must have got lost in the mail. 😉 On a more serious note, we'll start today with a question that several readers asked following our series on homelessness: How much are drugs to blame?
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Mar 19 2019

🚧 Is the I-5 expansion a done deal?

Plus: Have a whale of a time on the Coast
Hey there, it's Tuesday, and today we're digging into our virtual mailbag and sharing some insightful reader responses to our recent update on the I-5 widening project. But first, we've got some exciting news: The Bridgeliner team is growing! We're hiring a part-time engagement producer to help out with events, coordinate community partnerships, and keep our Bridgeliner members in the loop. Know someone who's super organized and wants to help other Portlanders make the most of our c
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Mar 18 2019

🌊 The latest on the great flood of Northeast Portland

Plus: Celebrating the PNW's oldest record store
Hey hey, it's Monday, and before we get to all this week's events, we want to wish a very special birthday to an icon in Portland's music scene.
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Mar 15 2019

🎨 A surrealist take on Portland’s people

Plus: Beware the ides of March
It's Friday, y'all, and the ides of March are upon us. That's bad news if you have any treacherous friends named Brutus, but excellent news if you want to do an Irish jig on a boat — or check out the other St. Patrick's Day festivities around town this weekend. Anyyyway, more on that in the events calendar. We'll start today with the scoop on some awesome local women you shouted out last week...
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Mar 14 2019

🎪 Twist and twirl your way through the Pearl

Plus: Why regulating local strip clubs is more complicated than you might think
Hey hey, it's Thursday, and if you've ever thought of running away to join the circus (literally or metaphorically) the latest installment of our Pearl District spotlight series is here to help...
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Mar 13 2019

🚗 What’s the big deal about widening I-5?

Plus: A milestone for Dame
It's Wednesday, friends, and before we get into the whole debate about widening I-5, we have some extra intel to share about our topic du jour: Portland's trees.
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Mar 12 2019

🚮 This social media trend is complete garbage

Plus: Brunch regrets, we’ve had a few
Hey hey, it's Tuesday, and today we've got the scoop on the "Trashtag Challenge" and a brunch experience we can all relate to. But first we need your help deciding what PDXplained question to dig into next.
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Mar 11 2019

💸 The 1 percent in Oregon are pulling away

Plus: When did you last spot the unipiper?
G'morning, and welcome to Monday. We'll start with some good news: The sold-out Zoo Concert with Shakey Graves and Lord Huron this summer now has a second date! (Save us a spot?) We also have a challenge for you this week: How quickly can you get five in a row? We took your suggestions for a most-likely-to-be-seen-in-Portland b
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