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Nov 16 2018

🔥 The ‘garbage fire’ of dating in Portland

Plus: Tell us how you really feel

Happy Friday, y’all! If you’re so excited you could shout from the rooftops, this one goes out to you…

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Nov 15 2018

🤑 Give like you live here

Plus: Salem’s blue wave

Hey hey, it’s Thursday, and Thanksgiving is only a week away, so today we want to talk about the “giving” part…

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Nov 14 2018

💸 Here’s why Portland is getting less affordable

Plus: The whale explosion heard ‘round the world

Welcome to Wednesday, y’all. We’ve got news about blubber-blasting blunders and 18-year-old mayors today, but we’ll start with a question from reader Amanda Rhoades for our series on housing and homelessness…

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Nov 13 2018

🕵️ What’s our next assignment, Portland?

Plus: First Kiss, now this

Hey there, it’s Tuesday, and it’s that time again — we’re ready to dive into another round of PDXplained reporting, and we need your questions to get us started…

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Nov 12 2018

🍗 Have a twelve-course feast on us

Plus: Backstreet’s back in Portland

It’s Monday, y’all, and if you’re reading this at home in pajamas… must be nice. 😑

For the rest of us without a Veterans Day reprieve, here’s something to look forward to: Renata and ChefsFeed are hosting a series of 12-course feasts in Portland this week, and we have a pair of tickets to give away for Thursday’s dinner…

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Nov 09 2018

👋 Hello, goodbye

Plus: The future (of brunch) is female

Hey, you made it to Friday! Your reward? A free donut from the new Blue Star on Division, as long as you’re prepared to wait in line for it. 😉

Anyway, here’s more good news to end the week: an 80-unit affordable housing proj
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Nov 08 2018

🤓 Calling all you Portland word nerds

Plus: What’s next for baseball in Portland?

Hey hey, happy Thursday! You might not know it from all the sunny weather in the forecast, but winter is coming, and that means it’s now totally acceptable to spend an entire weekend bunkered down with a good book.

Need ideas for your reading list? The Portland Book Festival (formerly known as Wordstock) is this Saturday, and there’ll be lots of local authors to choose from…

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Nov 07 2018

🐴 Did Portland pony up for affordable housing?

Plus: How to get married in a city park

It’s Wednesday, y’all, and you can breathe a sigh of relief — election season is over. 🎉

We’ll let the New York Times tell you how things shook out nationally. (Spoiler alert: It was a mixed bag for Democrats.)

As for Portland’s key races, we’ve got you covered…

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Nov 06 2018

😳 ‘It depends. How much do you drink?’

Plus: Last call for ballots

Hey y’all, it’s Election Day! And you still have (a little) time to submit your ballot at one of these drop boxes around town.

ICYMI, here’s everything you need to know about voting in Oregon, including how to d
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Nov 05 2018

🦃 Make the most of November, Portland

Plus: An excuse to wear your ugly sweater

Welcome to Monday, y’all, and congrats to the Portland Timbers for getting a 2-1 win yesterday in Leg 1 of their playoff series with Seattle! 💪

The ‘W’ puts the Timbers in solid position going into Thursday’s second leg — and it earns them a spot in our things-to-do guide for November…

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