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Aug 16 2018

😳 Hang on, Portland. The Big One is coming.

Plus: Oregon’s wolfanova is back at it again

G’morning, and happy Thursday! Please, go make it a great one, because we’re hearing rumors that The Big One is coming to Portland this weekend, and it’s gonna be a direct blow…

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Aug 15 2018

🐥 Kids are sooo immature. Is that an excuse for crime?

Plus: How to escape the smoke in Portland this week

Hey there, welcome to a very smoky Wednesday. Need to escape the haze? The O’s Lizzy Acker has a few ideas, including indoor skydiving in Tigard and a spa day at Knot Springs. 💁

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Aug 14 2018

🤔 What was Portland’s O.G. food cart?

Plus: What we heard about homelessness at a community meeting in Buckman

Hey y’all, it’s Tuesday, and reader Kenzie Larson wants to know: “What was the original food cart in Portland?”

That’s one of the three questions we’ve chosen for this month’s PDXplained voting round. Now we need your help picking a winner…

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Aug 13 2018

🎬 Lights, camera, Portland

Plus: The Office trivia, the Adult Soapbox Derby, and 24 others events around town

G’morning, and welcome to Burger Week! Our heart is kinda set on the Nacho Burger from Bit House, but we’d love other recs. Tag #bridgeliner on IG if there’s one we can’t miss. 👌

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Aug 10 2018

🐠 Coral lagoons and tropical fish… in Bend?

Plus: NYT, stop hiring Seattle journalists to write about Portland

Happy Friday! If you’re taking a trip to Bend this weekend, enjoy all the coral lagoons and tropical fish. We hear they’re great. 😉

Sticking around town? Check out the calendar 👇 for our weekend recs, including a chance to pedal Portland’s bridges with a few thousand friends…

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Aug 09 2018

🍔 Good burger, bad burger

Plus: Can you love the Lloyd Center again?

It’s Thursday, and it’s hot out there. So we’ll start with a story that’s really cool.

In elementary school, teachers said Seiji Dassise’s autism would make it hard for him to get past the sixth grade — but Seiji is about to start classes at Portland Community College, and an invention from his older brother Alex helped him get there…

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Aug 08 2018

🚓 Forget what you learned from Law & Order

Plus: A sea creature washed ashore at the Oregon Coast, and we didn’t blow it up this time

G’morning, and welcome to Wednesday. Quick trivia question: Which of these things you learned from Law & Order is false here in Oregon?

(A) You have the right to remain silent.

(B) You can’t be tried more than once for the same crime.

(C) You can’t be found guilty if all 12 jurors aren’t unanimous on the decision.

Dun dun. No peeking — we’ve got the answer below…

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Aug 07 2018

👴🎸 Have you no nostalgia, Portland?

Plus: Why an Oregon man’s vacation went viral for all the wrong reasons

It’s Tuesday, y’all, and somehow there are still tickets left for this week’s Ha
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Aug 06 2018

🍾 Day drinking on a Monday

Plus: Alberta Street Fair, Garlic Fest, and 22 other events this week

Hey there, it’s Monday, and if you’re reading this early, we have a little lunchtime invite for you…

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Aug 03 2018

🙏 ‘In the chaos of the city, it's a sanctuary’

Plus: Why economists say you should be happy about Portland’s vacant apartments

Hey, Friday is here! 🎉 And so is the answer to yesterday’s bridge trivia question: What Portland bridge shares a name with an historic bridge that is near, but does not span, the Potomac River?

Shout out to reader Emily Myers for knowing about the Burnside Bridge in Maryland. Now here’s some history about the Burnside in Portland…

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