🙏 ‘In the chaos of the city, it's a sanctuary’

🙏 ‘In the chaos of the city, it's a sanctuary’

The area around the Burnside Bridge looked a little different way back when.


WHAT: The Burnside Bridge, built in 1926 and under construction for what seems like forever. (FYI, it’s only been seven months.)

FUN FACT: Three renegade skaters started building the Burnside Skatepark under the bridge in 1990 without city approval, and helped spark a global movement. “The modern skatepark revolution began with the DIY construction of Burnside,” photographer Bryce Kanights told ESPN. “Before Burnside, there were only a handful of skateparks, and it was painfully obvious that they weren’t built by skateboarders.”

WHY IT’S SPECIAL: The Burnside was the first Willamette River bridge in Portland to be designed with the help of an architect, and it shows. The bridge has two towers inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, and in 2012, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Burnside is now in a period of transition. In addition to the ongoing maintenance work, the county is currently deciding how to retrofit or rebuild the bridge so that it can withstand a major earthquake. Here’s the latest update on where those deliberations stand.

AND THE #BURNSIDEBRIDGE INSTA-GRAMMY GOES TO… pdxpilot, for catching the bridge hard at work. 💪

QUOTABLE: “In the chaos of the city, it’s a sanctuary. A lot of people have found safety there. I’ve slept under the bridge when I haven’t had a place to sleep. I’ve been fed under the bridge.” —Sage Bolyard, one of the early skateboarders at Burnside Skatepark


Do we have to feel good about this? Nearly 5 percent of all apartments in the Portland metro area are vacant — and economists say that’s a good thing. Why? Because high vacancy rates are a sign that housing supply has finally caught up with demand, and when that happens, rent prices stabilize or even start to drop. Still, if you’re struggling to get excited that 16,000 apartments are sitting empty during a housing crisis, we hear you. (Oregon Business)

I’m going to be honest with you. They do not like Californians.’ A Bay Area newspaper wrote this week about the experiences of California ex-pats living in the Pacific Northwest, and it seems the PNW’s aversion to California transplants isn’t going unnoticed. Here at Bridgeliner we embrace all types, of course, but one quote did make us chuckle: “If anyone ever asked me, I told them I was Texan.” (SFGate)

Chipping in. One of the e-scooter companies participating in Portland’s pilot program has announced plans to help fund bikeways in the cities where it operates. Bird says it will donate $1/day for every scooter it its local fleet, a commitment that could help cities like Portland accelerate the construction of protected lanes, which both cyclists and scooter-ers (?) rely on to get around safely. (BikePortland)

Casting call. The new Hulu series “Shrill” will be filming in Portland through September, and it’s looking for extras. Want to “co-star” with SNL vet Aidy Bryant? You can apply here. (KGW)

Your new old favorite pizza. Double Mountain’s Heirloom Pie is back today. The seasonal, pesto-based pizza is topped with heirloom tomatoes and pecorino and parmigiano cheese, making it the only reason to ever cheat on the Truffle Shuffle. (New School Beer)


🎸 Today – Sunday: Head out to Portland’s beloved music festival Pickathon (Happy Valley)



😎 Dress up for 80s night at Crystal Ballroom (Downtown)

💃 Party at a rooftop benefit concert (SE | Hawthorne)

🌲 Watch Isle of Dogs in the park (Downtown)

🇫🇷 Go to the French Quarter Market (SW | Multnomah Village)

🇫🇷 Or see a French film – through Sunday (Downtown)


🌶️ Dare to try the Hot Sauce Expo – through Sunday (SE | Central Eastside)

🇮🇷 Celebrate the Iranian Festival (Downtown)

🎥 Watch a classic film at Hollywood Theatre (NE | Hollywood)

🍷 Taste wine and bring your pup (Multiple locations)


🍺 Watch a movie at a bar – every Sunday (SE | Hawthorne)

🍨 Eat scoops at an ice cream carnival (Downtown)

🎡 Check out the annual Lents Fair (SE | Lents)

🇻🇪 Or go to the first Venezuelan Festival (SE | Sellwood)


🎥 Watch the camp classic Barbarella (NW | Pearl) 🆕

🍺 ‘Detox and retox’ with beer and yoga (Tualatin) 🆕

🍣 Learn how to make sushi (NW | Old Town) 🆕

👋 Meet Kelly Robinson from Lev Livet Wines (Facebook Live) 🆕


🎸 See Nick Mulvey at Mississippi Studios (NE | Mississippi) 🆕

🎙️ Go to a family-friendly open mic night – every Tuesday (West Linn) 🆕

🚶 Join Zoiglhaus for a Fun Run and beer specials (SE | Lents) 🆕

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