✨ A (distant) light at the end of the tunnel

✨ A (distant) light at the end of the tunnel

P.S. Yes, there's more sunshine in the forecast this week. Thanks for the tag, Tyler!

What Portland is talking about

Oregon health officials can see light at the end of the tunnel — but it might be more than a month away. According to the latest modeling, the number of new COVID-19 cases has reached a “plateau” in Oregon thanks to the stay-at-home order, but new cases aren’t expected to decline for at least six weeks. The caveat: These models have been changing from week to week (usually in our favor), so if Oregonians manage to stick with the social distancing, it’s possible the timeline could improve. (OregonLive)

Small businesses in Oregon are trying to tell Gov. Brown that the house is on fire. But it’s not clear if she’s going to send the fire department. Brown is waiting to see if the federal stimulus package can rescue struggling businesses in our state — even as the evidence grows that help from the feds is coming too slow to save many businesses. (Portland Monthly)

The state’s unemployment website is struggling again as a record spike in weekly claims collides with an archaic technology platform. If you have questions, these FAQs and the Oregon Employment Department Twitter account might be the best places to start. (OregonLive)

Turn your audio on for this one. It’s a video of two dogs competing for a toy as BBC commentator Andrew Cotter provides play-by-play analysis, and we agree with Ben Sand — it’s good for a “corona-cackle.” (Facebook)

Let's call it a finder's fee...

If Bridgeliner doesn’t make you a smarter, shrewder Portlander, we’d love to know how we can do better.

But if we do add value to your life — by sharing tips for stretching the impact of your stimulus check, for example — we’d like to make an small ask:

Can you chip in $8/month to support our work and keep it free to everyone right now?

In return, we promise to keep the thoughtful, original coverage coming, and we promise to do everything we can to make that $8/month pay off in spades once this crisis is over. 💌


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One more thing...

We appreciate all our city’s mail carriers right now, but we especially appreciate the one who wore a stars-and-stripes romper and played “Eye of the Tiger” on their route last week.

It’s moments like this that remind us we can all be heroes, in our own little ways. 😉

And with that, our heroic act of writing this newsletter is over. We’ll see you tomorrow.

–  Bridgeliner

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