🙅 Why Portlanders are boycotting Grubhub

🙅 Why Portlanders are boycotting Grubhub

P.S. Shout-out to Zack Hernandez for winning our cartoon cutout giveaway with Mike Bennett, and thanks to Mike for making this donut dream come true.

What Portland is talking about

No surprise here, but Donald Trump’s crackdown in Portland isn’t “quelling” anything. Instead, it has re-energized the protest movement and helped turn moms, Navy vets, and even the occasional “Naked Athena” into members of The Resistance. (Willamette Week)

We also have a theory for why Trump and Republicans are so scared of Portland protestors: Maybe it’s because they provide free medical care to people who get brutalized by police, aka just another way the unhinged Left is pushing its radical, socialist agenda on America. 🙄 (Reddit)

The coronavirus crisis is getting worse in Oregon, too, as the percentage of Covid-19 tests coming back positive climbed above 6 percent last week for the first time since March. On the bright side, Portlanders are doing better than most Americans at wearing masks around other people, so maybe there’s still hope for a plateau. (OregonLive)

Meanwhile, parents still don’t know if or when their kids will return to school this fall, and that’s creating a new cottage industry for private teachers and home-schooling co-ops, as well as concerns about who will have access to those opportunities and who won’t. (Twitter)

Finally, if you’re driving a vehicle with expired tags in Oregon, you have until October 1 to get that fixed before police start enforcing it again. Also good news: You won’t need a Real ID-compliant driver’s license for air travel until October 21, 2021, which is a year later than previously planned. (Willamette Week)

Teresa Arthur is our new tour guide to the Portland housing market.
(📸: Candace Molatore)

Meet this Portlander

Meet our new tour guide to the Portland housing market. 

Teresa Arthur is a local real estate broker (and long-time Bridgliner reader) who you might see running along the Portland waterfront, especially on her favorite loop from Tilikum Crossing to the Steel Bridge.

And she’s going to be answering your burning questions about home-buying this summer, from navigating refinancing to finding a house with a home office.

Now we know what you’re thinking — is this an ad or something?

And yes, if you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you should totally set up a call with Teresa to learn more.

But for our series this summer, Teresa wants all your questions about real estate, including Qs like these:

  • Which neighborhood is right for you and your family?
  • Is now actually a good time to buy in Portland?
  • How can you take advantage of low interest rates on mortgages?

Here’s one thing we’ve already learned from Teresa: If you’re trying to make your place look and feel more luxurious (whether you rent or own), one of the best, most affordable options is to swap out your fixtures, like sink faucets and light fixtures.

So what else do you want to know? Send us your questions about Portland real estate, and if you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, schedule a time with Teresa to get expert help along the way.


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One more thing...

ICYMI, we’re partnering with VertueLab on a new project about local and regional solutions to the climate crisis, and there’s still time to send us your questions.

Here’s a few we’ve received so far:

  • “How many streets would we have to close (for greenways and the like) to really make a dent in driving post-pandemic to affect our air quality, pollution, and climate effects?”
  • “What progress is being made on salt water desalination for areas being hit by drought?”
  • “Are there actions people can take that compliment the Black Lives Matter movement and fight climate change?”

What else do you want to know about tackling the climate crisis? Send us your Qs here, and we’ll pick at least four to dig into this summer. 👍

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