🏡 Elk’s temporary new home

🏡 Elk’s temporary new home

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3 things to know today

🦌 Portland’s beloved Elk Statue is currently in storage. “Elk” was removed by the  Regional Arts and Culture Council as a precaution because its base was damaged after protesters began using it as a nightly gathering spot. Statue fan and local writer Brian Libby said the damage appeared to be unintentional and that the iconic statue was being used as a rallying point for protesters. (OregonLive)

🏥 Giving blood includes a bonus COVID-19 antibody test. Bloodworks, which has clinics across the river in Vancouver and down the road in Eugene is looking for donors for blood and plasma. Here’s how it works. (KGW)

🎨 Black artists are creating art to change the world. Murals have appeared throughout the city on boarded up storefronts, and songs are sung from the steps of the Justice Center — and now this local artwork is in the national spotlight. As The New York Times writes, “The burst of creativity that has swept through town in recent weeks could provide a road map for other cities confronting historical racism.” (The New York Times)

Correction: In yesterday’s edition, we included incorrect information about the police shooting of Jacob Blake and Blake’s condition. He is paralyzed. We apologize for the error.

3 things to make you smile

❤️ A new nonprofit is Fostering Love in Oregon. Happy Valley resident Cheryl Cabera created Foster Love Oregon in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to help provide foster children with duffel bags filled with essentials for when they move into a new home. Donations are coming in, and here’s how you can help. (KGW)

🖼️ Miss going to museums? Us too, but now it’s virtual. The Portland Art Museum wants to take you around the world through the power of Virtual Reality. This new initiative features 39 immersive VR projects from 24 countries available to view through virtual reality headsets in socially distanced spaces. (Portland Tribune)

🤥 A spooky Pinocchio movie is in the works, and it’s being filmed in Stumptown. Guillermo del Toro is working with Portland-based ShadowMachine to create an eerie stop motion retelling of the classic story. The cast list was released earlier this week and includes acting giants like Cate Blanchett, Christoph Waltz, Ewan McGregor, and Tilda Swinton. The film is set to open in 2021. ShadowMachine is also the genius behind shows like Bertie & Tuca and BoJack Horseman. (Willamette Week)

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We’re still celebrating International Dog Day

In honor of International Dog Day yesterday, we wanted to share something “paw-fectly dog-lightful” with you.

These are just a few of the signs that your pup was raised in the PNW.

Also this an official call out to ask you, our readers, for pictures of you and your pups!

Have you found a new beautiful walking route? Is your fuzzy coworker barging into your cubicle every few minutes for treats?

We want to showcase your doggos in upcoming newsletters, and please don’t forget to include their names.

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🏥 Ask a panel of doctors and experts about the COVID-19 pandemic (Online)


🎭 Celebrate and honor Deaf Culture with the Deaf Arts Live #1 online show featuring sign language poetry, skits, and more (Online)

🍺 Clink virtual mugs during the Backyard Drink-A-Long hosted by local Portland breweries. (Online)


📜 Learn about the historical context and current education, health, and housing realities for Black Oregonians (Online)

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