✊ Celebrating PDX’s Anarchist Jurisdiction

✊ Celebrating PDX’s Anarchist Jurisdiction

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What Portland is talking about

3 things to know today

🚨 Two people were killed in a North Portland shooting. The event took place near the Heron Lakes Golf Club and as of writing there have been no arrests made in connection with the case, which is still under investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to police. (OregonLive / KOIN)

📓 Local writer revels in Portland’s “anarchist jurisdiction” fame. Portland creator David F. Walker was inspired after the Department of Justice labelled Stumptown (among Seattle and New York City) “anarchist jurisdictions.” Walker began drafting 1970s B Movie style posters featuring such terrors as “The Barefoot Vegan” and vigilante strippers running amok through Portland. (OregonLive)

💢 Monday marked four months of protests in Portland. Police moved in on Monday’s planned protest and made several arrests. This was before demonstrators had begun marching when police moved in on them in a North Portland park. This caught the group off guard and delayed the demonstration. A person holding a “Vote” sign was commanded to surrender the sign to police. (Oregon Public Broadcasting / OregonLive)

3 things to make you smile

🍱 Oregon families in need are getting lunch money. With the COVID-19 pandemic upending how school typically looks, many families in need have been concerned. Often schools providing free school lunches and breakfasts have been a welcome relief for students whose families may be struggling. Fortunately Oregon’s education and human services departments announced they’re putting school lunch money directly into the hands of families to ensure children are getting the nutrition they need. This “Pandemic EBT” will also go hand in hand with local efforts from school districts to provide meals to families. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

🍣 Sate your appetite for sashimi with these tasty Portland sushi joints. Whether it’s nigiri that makes your heart sing, a delicious poke bowl, or a succulent hand roll — PDX has you covered on fresh fish. (EaterPDX)

🍜 Learn about (and tuck into) some yummy Asian Fusion cuisine with Mr. International. This video highlights White Elephant PDX and its variety of food styles. Have a favorite Asian fusion place in Portland? Hit reply and let us know! (Cooking With Mr. International’s YouTube Channel)

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🍂 A Taste of Fall

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🌈 Learn about gardening and how to support the Portland LGBTIQIA community (Pride Gardens)

🐙 Touch the abyss, hang out with Cthulhu, from the safety of your couch at the Lovecraft film festival (Online)


🎃 Get creepy and crafty with this Halloween Make & Take (Online)

🍻 Raise a mug of frothy German beer, and enjoy a socially distant Stammtisch (Kerns/Laurelhurst Neighborhood)


🍿 Bring some popcorn to this drive-in screening of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” (Zidell Yards)

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Holy guacamole October is almost here.

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