🦌 How the far-right heisted the Nightmare Elk

🦌 How the far-right heisted the Nightmare Elk

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3 things to know today

🦌 The Nightmare Elk statue was snatched by Patriot Prayer members. While Portland’s famous Elk statue is being safeguarded by the city, a creepy replacement took his stead over the summer (complete with teeth). Over the weekend, the far right group Patriot Prayer stole the “Nightmare Elk,” loading it onto a truck and driving off. One of the Patriot Prayer supporters involved said they did it as a political statement. Supporters of Portland’s antifascist organizations said the replacement elk statue was erected as a “memorial to Black victims of police violence.” (OregonLive / Willamette Week)

💢 Teddy Roosevelt & Abe Lincoln statues were torn down during Sunday’s “Day of Rage.” The statues of the former presidents — who in their lifetimes either expressed hostility toward Native Americans or allowed large-scale executions of Native prisoners — were splattered with red paint, graffitied, and eventually pulled from their pedestals. The event was advertised on social media as an “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” and grew to a crowd of 200. The gathering took place the eve before the federal holiday Columbus Day, and was eventually declared a riot by PPB. (Oregon Public Broadcasting / OregonLive)

📈 COVID-19 Oregon case statistics — more than 400 new cases statewide. Multnomah County: 101 new cases; Oregon: 37,467 cases total; United States: 7.8 million cases total. (Oregon Health Authority / KGW)

3 things to make you smile

🗑️ Detrash Portland has been cleaning up Stumptown. Self-described as a #trashtag #anti-litter movement, the group numbers almost 400 strong on MeetUp. Detrash meets up regularly to clean up neighborhoods around Portland and then to relax with a drink or two. Want to learn more? Visit with them on their Facebook page. (MeetUp / Reddit)

⚽ The Timbers are on a hot streak and tied with the Seattle Sounders. The Rose City soccer team saw a big win on Sunday against the San Jose Earthquakes, thanks in part to Polish striker Jaroslaw Niezgoda. Niezgoda doubled his tally in the 52nd minute, resulting in an easy one-time strike on an open net. (OregonLive / Portland Timbers)

📚 A Portland author has a new, creepy novel — just in time for October.  Karen Russell’s novel “Sleep Donation” has a plague of insomnia haunting its pages — following protagonist Trish through a world where true rest can only be achieved through donations from others. Wanna get your hands on this eerie page-turner? Go here. (Portland Monthly)

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