😲 The Nightmare Elk rides again

😲 The Nightmare Elk rides again

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What Portland is talking about

3 things to know today

🚨 Trump wants to sic the FBI on Portland again? After Sunday’s “Day of Indigenous Rage” demonstration resulted in the tearing down of two presidential statues, as well as damage to the Oregon Historical Society building, Trump let loose a barrage of tweets. He demanded Portland “call in the Feds,” adding, “ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now!” Over the summer the Trump administration sent federal agents to the Portland protests — an act many activists and local officials say helped fuel the unrest. (OregonLive / Washington Post)

💢 An Indiana man with a firearm was among those arrested at Sunday’s protests. Malik Fard Muhamad was charged with allegedly using a baton to smash windows at the Oregon Historical Society and Portland State University after Sunday’s protests. A pistol was found on Muhamad’s person during his arrest, according to PPB. This was one of many arrests connected to Sunday’s “Day of Indigenous Rage,” where organizers called for direct action and advocated against the injustices done to America’s Indigenous communities. (CNN / OregonLive)

🎖️ Black-owned business Heroes American Café was vandalized after a threatening phone call. The owner said they received a phone call last week claiming Heroes was on a list of “pro-police” businesses and that they should expect “something” to happen. After Sunday’s protests, owner John Jackson found the two front windows had been shot out and a third one busted out. According to Jackson, who served in the military, Heroes is “pro-hero” — be they a teacher, firefighter, police officer, or military veteran. (OregonLive / Heroes American Cafe)

3 things to make you smile

🦌 The Nightmare Elk is back — with a vengeance. After supporters of the far-right group Patriot Prayer absconded with the toothy, eldritch statue over the weekend, a rallying cry split the Pacific Northwest night, in the form of a tweet. The Twitter profile @PortlandElk tweeted: “Elk build. 8 p.m. You know where. Bring nails, screws, power tools, ducktape, and scrap wood.” Later that night, a new, terrifying version rose from the ashes of its predecessor, staring solemnly into the night, its antlers adorned with glow sticks. Portland Elk tweeted, “I am home. I am so proud and happy I could cry. Thank you everyone, I love you all.” (Portland Elk’s Twitter / Reddit)

🍩 Soon, we can all be “ein Berliners” with a new downtown Berliner-style donut shop. The immortal words of President John F. Kennedy, “Ich bin ein Berliner” is about to become a Portland reality. Fills Donuts — opening in the old Blue Star location downtown — will feature traditional Berliner-style filled donuts. Flavors will go beyond the standard jelly filling dusted with powdered sugar; customers can expect  everything from pimento cheese to single-malt scotch custard and glazes like Valrhona chocolate or hot honey. Fills Donuts’ owner Katherine Benvenuti will open the shop with Cooked with Cannabis co-host Leather Storrs on Oct. 16. (EaterPDX / Fills Donuts)

🎵 Portugal. The Man’s new single is a collab with Weird Al Yankovic & Indigenous artists. Released on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” features Weird Al Yankovic and Acosia Red Elk — a world champion jingle dancer, creator of powwow yoga, and a member of the Umatilla Tribe. A Portland transplant, Portugal. The Man has been known for their top hit “Feel It Still” from 2017. “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” also showcases Indigenous artists, friends, and organizations in an effort “to explore the possibilities of collaboration in this new time.” You can check out the single here. (Portland Monthly)

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🍷 It’s time to go whole hog with a Whole Hog Whiskey Club tasting (Portland Downtown)

💀 Join the Zombie Hunt at Impact Action Sports (Lake Oswego)

🌳 There’s a haunted forest waiting for you at Frog Pond (Wilsonville)

👻 Get in the spirit of the season with this awesome 80s dance party (Online)


🐊 Join the Portland Sleestak and other Portland wonders at the Crypto-Zoo (Alberta)

💀 Join the Zombie Hunt at Impact Action Sports (Lake Oswego)

📚 Join your friendly neighborhood Social Justice Book Club (Gresham)


🐶 Come ye lovers of pugs and beer — it’s time for Pug Crawl 2020 (Online)

🌳 There’s a haunted forest waiting for you at Frog Pond (Wilsonville)

✨ Beer, dogs, a good cause — all of the above at this Breakside Brewery event (Milwaulkie)

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