👑 Shine’s new ‘drag-thru’ brings the glitz and glam

👑 Shine’s new ‘drag-thru’ brings the glitz and glam

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3 things to know today

📈 Oregon hospitals are reaching capacity limits as coronavirus cases soar. From Oct. 21 to this past Tuesday — the day before the state went into a two-week “freeze” — the number of Oregonians hospitalized due to COVID-19 shot from 121 to 378, a 212% increase in cases statewide. Oregon has the lowest number of hospital beds per 1,000 residents in the nation, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, and a lower number of ICU beds per capita than all but nine states. In the Portland metro area, 286 of the 335 ICU beds available were full — 85%. The two-week freeze will last from Nov. 18 through Dec. 2 for the entire state; however, Multnomah County’s freeze will last till Dec. 16 as the county is considered a hot spot. (Willamette Week / KATU)

🙅 Here’s how to politely tell your family you’re not coming to Thanksgiving. With the entire state going into a two-week freeze, limiting how businesses can operate and the capacity of gatherings, a classic holiday is going to look very different this year. Across the state, group gatherings are limited to no more than six people. Struggling to find a way to tell your family you’re following the restrictions to help slow the growth of the virus? You’re not alone. A local therapist explains how to set healthy boundaries when it comes to this holiday and here are some ways to enforce those boundaries so you get to see your family in 2021. (KGW / OregonLive)

📢 Clackamas County’s Tootie Smith keeps talking. After posting on social media that she’d have as large a Thanksgiving celebration as she’d like in the wake of Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement of the two-week freeze, Smith proceeded to go on Fox News. She claimed Brown would send police to arrest large home gatherings on Thanksgiving while allowing the destruction of downtown Portland. In fact, it’s unlikely police officers will enter homes to arrest or fine people who violate the restrictions: the governor’s office said police would enforce the order in the same way officers respond to noise complaints about loud parties and issue citations. Those are complaint-driven systems; police don’t proactively enforce existing codes and laws but respond when they get calls from the public. (KGW / OregonLive / East Oregonian)

3 things to make you smile

🌈 Oh hey, look at this sweet rainbow over the St. Johns Bridge. It kinda has us remembering the “Double Rainbow” guy, which are two great reasons to smile and be thankful for November rain showers. (Portland Reddit)

👠 Shine Distillery & Grill wants you to come to their new “drag-thru.” In order to keep running their business in the time of statewide COVID-19 restrictions, Shine has implemented a state-of-the-art “drag-thru” which will feature a combination of drag show performances along with standup comedy while customers wait for their takeout orders. Here’s how it works: Customers will drive up, place an order, and watch as drag queens like Lulu Luscious and Bolivia Charmichaels from the nearby garage doors. Then, staff will deliver food, cocktail kits, and bottles of spirits made onsite to cars before they roll through. (EaterPDX / Willamette Week)

🎁 Happy belated birthday to Pabu, the Prince of Pounce. The feisty and mischievous Red Panda turned five-months-old yesterday while hanging out at the Oregon Zoo. Wanna see Pabu demonstrating his pounce? Check out this ridiculously cute video. Curious about Pabu’s namesake inspiration? Guess what, The Legend of Korra is still on Netflix if you still haven’t seen it. (Oregon Zoo’s Twitter)

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Portland Coffee Roasters’ 2020 Holiday Roast comes from Mexico’s Oaxaca region, which is known for its ideal coffee-growing climate due to its high altitude and humidity level. Hundreds of small-scale farmers process their coffee by hand-pulping and drying it on site, taking special care and attention to produce the best coffee possible. This year’s special holiday coffee is a light roast that brings out a caramel-like sweetness, with notes of dark chocolate and raisins, and a hint of mulling spice.

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