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🕳️ Dig into the history of the Woodstock Mystery Hole

…and the rules, which they’re welcome to the alter, are on my website. What does keeping Portland weird mean to you? Keeping our city weird means keeping ourselves weird and…

/ July 21, 2021

🎸 The legend of the 24-hour Church of Elvis

Weird Portland United (WPU). If you haven’t read them yet — you can find our February Weird Wednesdays here, where we interviewed The Unipiper, local artist Cedar Lee, and The…

/ April 14, 2021

🐦 The swooping history of the Chapman Swifts

…who are shaking up Stumptown today. You can read our full collection of Weird Wednesdays here. Today, we’re talking about a small-but-mighty weird feature here in Portland, and you could…

/ September 15, 2021

🎩 A tip of the hat to the weirdness of the Portland Hat Museum

other Weird Wednesdays, you can find the whole series here. For now, let’s head to Ladd’s Addition to check out a turn of the century museum all about headgear —…

/ January 4, 2022

🎺 Remembering “Workin’” Kirk Reeves

miss a story from this series? Don’t worry, you can find our archive of Weird Wednesdays right here. For today’s Weird Wednesday, we’re remembering a truly beautiful person in the…

/ August 11, 2021

🎤 Moshow is calling all “Cat People”

…Wednesday, Portland. And you know that means it’s time to get weird. Every week, we celebrate elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness in collaboration with Weird Portland United. If you haven’t…

/ June 23, 2021

🦄 Prancing through the weird with Keeva the Unicorn Queen

…do that adds to Portland’s weirdness? I grew up in Portland during the ‘80s. I have always loved unicorns and equines of all types. I have also loved costumes more…

/ June 9, 2021

🦌 A timeline of what happened to Portland’s Elk statue

…archive of Weird Wednesdays here). Today, we’re examining the journey and fate of Portland’s Elk statue during last year’s protests, the various iterations that spawned in its place, and when…

/ October 13, 2021

🚴 Steering through the history of Portland’s very naked bike ride

know the drill; each Wednesday we tell you all about weird Portland history, people, and the freaky fixtures that bring our city together. Bridgeliner’s full backlog of Weird Wednesdays can…

/ September 29, 2021

☢️ A weird deep dive into Reed College’s nuclear reactor

For today’s Weird Wednesday we’re doing a deep dive into the strange history and function of Reed College’s nuclear reactor….

/ February 2, 2021

💖 What Portlanders love about our city’s weirdness

He’s here and he’s keeping Portland weird. (📸: Courtesy of Brian Kidd & Weird Portland United) What “Keeping Portland Weird” means to Portlanders “I learned about the Peculiarium from this…

/ January 2, 2022

⛪ A weird look at The Grotto Sanctuary

…Let’s get weird — as we do every Wednesday in collaboration with the awesome folks at Weird Portland United. Today, we’re taking a stroll through a very serene garden and…

/ October 6, 2021

Portland is weird and weirder because of this man

Craig Giffen is not your average weirdly cool human being. He is the probably the most diverse, creative, weirdly cool human being Portland has the honor to call their own….

/ December 13, 2021

Weird Portland – Holiday Lights

Craig Giffen, the creator of Problematic.TV, The Human Clock. The Human Calendar, the Pacific Crest Trail planner, Portland Free Crap and on and on (does he ever stop? We…

/ December 21, 2021

🍩 The Simpsons and Stumptown: A love story

awesome weirdos over at Weird Portland United to bring you the best of Portland’s weird — and today’s no different. Here’s a link to our full list of Weird Wednesday…

/ September 22, 2021

🕳️ Wander with us into the Old Portland Underground

An underground entry to the network of tunnels underneath Stumptown. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons It’s Wednesday. And at Bridgeliner, that means it’s time to get weird — so snag your…

/ October 20, 2021

✈️ Fly me to the woods

For today’s Weird Wednesday we’re covering Bruce Campbell (no, not that Bruce Campbell) on his retired jetliner that he converted into a modern home….

/ February 1, 2016