Paul Gilbert lives in Portland and the world loves him.

What can we say about Paul Gilbert, other than he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest musicians of all time…and he lives in our own backyard.  Radio Metal said about him: “When we talk about the legends of the guitar, it is impossible to omit Paul Gilbert. The guitar-hero has mainly distinguished himself in Racer X and Mr. Big on the sidelines of his solo career which began in 1998. Paul Gilbert has long been considered one of the fastest guitarists in the world, one of those who compete with Yngwie Malmsteen when it comes to running his sleeve without a hitch. Enough to earn him a place at the G3 or on the Guitar Generation tour, alongside John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen or even George Lynch, among other distinctions. Paul Gilbert is therefore one of those “super-musicians” with a long career.” Radio Metal (translated from French).


At this point, he’s been interviewed and reviewed so much that we think it’s kind of cool to tell you what his fans say about him:


This might be the first song without words that people will have the lyrics stuck in their heads. Bean Crusader

On a scale from 0 to Paul Gilbert it’s a solid Paul Gilberteleven. Daniel De Vidi

I love that Paul is at the point of his career where he’s already made a name for himself, so he can now do whatever makes him happy and not give a fuck. This man is a gift to humanity.
Abel Bou Mayorgas

Been a big Gilbert fan for a while now and it’s always nice to never get what you want but get what you never knew you wanted. Keep on being an incredible guitarist and an even more incredible musician. Joey Mashtoe

You’re not going to find another rock guitar player out there that is this expressive, this technically monstrous and this silly about it all! Just admit it! Paul Gilbert is your daddy! Easter_Sunday Grey_Man

Paul seems to be able to play whatever genre he happens to be inspired by at the time. the popmodule

Paul Gilbert still doesn’t suck. That pretty much covers it. This is a breath of fresh shred air. 3rlon

Paul Gilbert is something different. Consistently incredible and never looks like he’s even trying. No matter what he plays you know instantly it’s him. LoganSBT

Unless one doesn’t care for: colors, humor, father-son bonding, musicianship, and/or unadulterated joy, I find myself at a loss as to understand why one would ‘dislike’ this. T

From Paul himself: “If I woke up one morning with the voice of Freddie Mercury, then I could just be a lead singer. That’s just not the case, but as a performer and songwriter, I’m also closer to that. I’m not a shred-metal guy. I don’t listen to djent [metal] or prog-djent. I don’t know anything about that. I love The Beatles, Queen and The Carpenters. When I write songs, it’s more like that. My voice won’t do that, so I use the guitar to play those kinds of melodies on it. The guitar allows me to be a better singer with a better voice. The better voice being my guitar.” Paul Gilbert in an interview with EddieTrunk.com

So now, let’s introduce you to Paul Gilbert’s Argument about Pie.

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