Portland’s Blitzen Trapper takes you on a trip you didn’t know you needed: Magical Thinking

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper usually merges elements of country, folk, Southern rock, and progressive Americana. Their album, “Holy Smokes Future Jokes” (released last year), seems to be pure Indie-rock mixed with a bit of indie-folk. Put it on repeat and stare out the window as the luscious sounds take you on a trip you didn’t know you needed. Think Jakob Dylan, but local.

Magical Thinking
(with Lyrics)
By Blitzen Trapper

Tryin’ so hard to believe there’s more
To this life than what you see
Think magically in the nighttime driveway
Waiting for the man to break you into a million shattered parts
But every human heart throws a shadow on this wall

On this wall

Climbed to the top of the tower that sits on the outskirts of the town
He climbed right up behind you, didn’t he?
And then he climbed back down to the ground,
a wrathful deity
Lit a cigarette beneath the tree and then he cast his shadow long

In the house where you were young

In a street, in a town that’s gone

Struck by a meteor, sittin’ at a stoplight
Fingers on the key
Eventually, you gotta face facts
He ain’t comin’ back so think magically
A million shattered parts
But every human heart throws a shadow on this wall

On this wall, on this wall
So think magically
Think magically
Think magically
Think magically

Eric Earley – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboard, harmonica, banjo
Erik Menteer – lead, rhythm and slide guitar, percussion, moog synthesizer
Brian Adrian Koch – drums, backup vocals, harmonica
Michael Van Pelt – bass, bird whistle, percussion, harmonica
Marty Marquis – rhythm guitar, backup and occasional lead vocals, keyboard, harmonica, percussion, melodica

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