Is this the most powerful singer 🎤 in Portland? Here’s why we think so.

Portland’s Own The Druthers 

Comparing one band or musician to another is wrong for myriad reasons. However, being human, it sometimes helps to reference other musicians to give a clue about the sound of a voice, the beat of the drums, the strum of a guitar, etc. So hopefully lead singer of The Druthers, Erin Adkisson, will understand (and not mind too much) when we say that her voice sounds a like a mix of

  • Alanis Morissette
  • Natalie Merchant
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Tori Amos

Having said that, let’s not take away from the fact that Adkisson has her own unique, strong voice – which is why she can’t be compared to just one of the above singers. Adkisson’s voice is so forceful, so powerful, that listening to her will make it next to impossible to do anything other than stand up immediately and do something. Fill in the blanks as what that something is, but suffice to say that if you aren’t compelled to get up and go forth while listening to Adkisson sing, then you need to check to see if you have a pulse.

Adkisson’s voice isn’t the only reason that we should be proud to have The Druthers in Portland’s list of Favorite Portland Bands. Although she is front and center on this track, Home Sweet Home, Kirk Duncan also joins her on vocals (think Damien Rice meets Joe Cocker) and acoustic guitar (think Glen Phillips with a mix of Johnny Cash). Other notable members: Tanner Cundy on electric guitar and also vocals, Josh Baruch on drums, Ben Kohan on bass, and Jeff Simpson on keyboard and trumpet.

The Druthers often have concerts in town at places like the Alberta Street Pub, Laurelthirst Public House, Star Theater Portland, and McMenamins – Al’s Den. And now is the time to start looking for their concerts before they start playing around the world in sold-out venues – because with Adkisson’s voice, that’s where they’re headed.
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But first, have a listen:

Home Sweet Home
by The Druthers
w/ lyrics

once does not an always make
less is me the more i take
catch the taste drip off my face and bake it in a cake
cats and dogs in stereo
coming to is seasonal
count the days in eyes that glaze and songs
they’ll never know

or order my demise
you show up late you feign surprise
cause your love could pick me up and shake me
i know it won’t just so we know
you give me hope you get me
home sweet home

shortest day in history
even where an odd should be
hunt the fox then check the locks then rock me off to sleep
and if i die before you wake
a hush will surely resonate
in every bird in every word
in every holiday

or order my demise
you show up late you faint disguise
cause your love could pick me up and shake me
i know it won’t just so we know
you give me hope you get me
home sweet home

that love is dynamite that love is oh
that love is weather tight that love is oh
that love is yours or mine that love is on and on and on
that love is warm sunshine that love is oh

Vocals: Erin Adkisson
Vocals, acoustic guitar: Kirk Duncan
Electric guitar, vocals: Tanner Cundy
Drums, percussion: Josh Baruch
Bass: Ben Kohan
Keys, trumpet:  Jeff Simpson


By Bridgeliner Creative Studio
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