Call for 🎨 Artists, Call to 🗣️ Take Action, a Beloved ☕ Café Reopens, Be At One with 🌱 Nature

Happy Friday, friends, and a shout-out to all our Portland shops, museums, nature organizations, creatives, scientists, researchers – all you good people who make Portland the amazing city it is.

Today we have an important read for you regarding parking lots and heat islands, a couple of Calls for Creatives, a sweet reopen, some plant sales and a Zoom you won’t want to miss.

Ready? Let’s go!

🗣️ Take Action

To Stop Building Heat Islands, Stop Overbuilding Parking Lots
Parking lots amplify high temperatures, so why are we still requiring them to be larger than they need to be?  Here are some key takeaways from a must-read article for people concerned about our environment:

  • Large parking lots keep temperatures high at night, increasing heat-related illness and mortality risk during extreme heat events.
  • Many cities and towns still mandate higher parking ratios than even Portland’s most dangerous heat islands.  We encourage you to read – and share – the full article by Sightline.

🌱  Order Territorial Seeds.

Portland Nursery has territorial seeds in and tips on when to seed indoor and outdoor.
In the Willamette Valley, our mild winters offer a year-round harvest of vegetables. The success of the harvest hinges heavily on getting the plants in the ground at the appropriate time. The Portland Nursery Veggie Calendar provides a rough timeline for when to start your seeds and set out your transplant starts. How the timetable is tailored for the Willamette Valley. 

🌱  Order Native Seeds

Leach Botanical Garden Plant Sale
Sparrowhawk Native Plants and Leach Botanical Garden are teaming up to offer a wide selection of native plants to enhance your backyard habitat. Sparrowhawk connects gardeners to habitat-friendly and climate-resilient plants that support healthy ecosystems. Online ordering begins on Feb 15, 2022. You can pre-order from approximately 100 species of habitat-resilient plants. Make your selections online and at check-out select Leach Garden as your pick-up location. The garden will receive a percentage of Sparrowhawk’s proceeds which will go towards supporting the garden’s operations.

🎵 Young Artist In Residence

Apply Now To Be A 2022 Young Artist In Residence
All Classical Portland’s Young Artists In Residence (YAIR) program is designed to foster creative growth for emerging artists. During the residency, young musicians will enjoy the opportunities to expand and deepen engagement with audiences as well as with other musicians and composers through All Classical Portland’s expansive network.

☕ Favorite Portland Café Reopens

Nossa Familia Coffee Central Eastside Café reopens
Shuttered since April of 2020, Nossa Familia’s Central Eastside Café has finally reopened with a full espresso drink menu featuring Nossa Familia’s locally-roasted, direct-trade coffees. The roaster has also partnered with local purveyors to offer chai and loose leaf teas from Metolius Artisan Tea, and matcha from Mizuba Matcha. In addition to their drink menu, the café is serving house-made Brazilian cheese waffles and locally made pastries. For the safety of staff and customers, indoor dining is closed at this time.
Address:1633 SE 3rd Ave., Portland, Oregon 97214|
Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 7:30 am to 2:30pm

🌈 Call For Artists

For wall space at Rainbow City and for the PDX Winter Lights
Rainbow City is seeking to feature several artists per month in their glass cases & wall space. If you’ve got a collection or a large piece you’d like to hang or you want to participate in the PDX Winter Lights, call (718) 569-4500

🧘 Join this Winter Well-Being Zoom Webinar

Learn about how mindfulness in nature improves our lives.
Have you ever sensed how being outdoors dissolves anxiety, doubt, or judgment and can switch off relentless replays of negative thoughts? In winter we may long for footloose outdoor spontaneity of long summer days but with a bit of planning and mindfulness, wintertime experiences in nature can bring many benefits. Join the Columbia Gorge on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6 p.m. (Pacific) for a live, special webinar exploring how connections to nature can help cultivate a lasting sense of personal well-being and in turn aid in efforts to protect and steward the Columbia Gorge and other PNW natural treasures, even in the heart of winter.

Photo credit: Portland Nursery