Portland Music: Nick Arneson’s beautiful Holding On

Portland Music: Nick Arneson’s Hold On

Nick Arneson might be one of Portland’s best singer/songwriters.
We ❤️ him.

Nick Arneson Portland Singer Songwriter singing Hold On

It seems as if every time we crank up our Spotify to discover new songwriters, we find that their music and lyrics are great, but the singing wrecks it. There are so many good songs out there being sung by people who belt it out through their nose or way up high in vocal ranges that make them sound precious.

Just sing, please.

Thank you, Portland singer, songwriter Nick Arneson.

Why he does not already have a million followers is beyond us, but we at least aim to give him the shout out he deserves.

Look, if you like, say, Elbow, The Fray, Travis, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Iain Archer – you’ll love Arneson. He knows how to sing a song so the words are so intertwined with the voice that you feel as if your spirit is going to fly right out of your body.

Just listen.

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