Why Portlanders subscribe to the Bridgeliner


Bridgeliner Portland hyperlocal news testimonials

► “Brain candy!”

► “The secret experiences/places that tourists haven’t found yet.”

►”A newsletter for Portland hipsters and recent transplants.”

► “It’s like if your well-informed BFF were filling you in on local happenings, both political and fun stuff.”

► “Does my homework for me.”

► “Hyper-local news for Portland-ers. It’s like This Week magazine or The Skimm, but just for us.”


Bridgeliner Portland hyperlocal news testimonials

► “Connects the dots between what is happening in the news and what Portlanders are experiencing.”

►”My favorite part of Bridgeliner is getting to learn more about the city, whether that’s about its history, current political situations or the best new restaurant opening it’s all great information.”

►”Shares great information each week on the current happenings in Portland. They do a great job at capturing all aspects from Portland’s history, to new buildings and restaurants of interest and local politics. It’s also the BEST place to find local events happening, a better calendar than any publication in town!”


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What our paying members say about the Bridgeliner

Become a member of portland local new Bridgeliner►”It’s one of the few regular emails that I get and actually look forward to. I appreciate how you’ve included your readers in your own progression, and how consistently you’ve been willing to ask for feedback about what is or is not working.”

“Really happy to support the content that I’ve been getting. I see it as if I were buying a coffee for a friend while they filled me in on this stuff. If the newsletter changes tone or direction though, I don’t know that I will continue to be a paying member.”

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► “Comparison of BL to NPR.”

► “Local, well-informed, Portland-centric, similar to the Skimm, easy to read.”

“I have really enjoyed that the newsletter has a perspective, but is still uplifting. That makes it different from say, the Willamette Week, who is informative but the tone is often biting.”

“It’s worth paying for quality journalism because the impact comes back for the reader.”

“Quality isn’t free.”

“BL focuses on a mix of hard and soft news which is nicer than bigger news which are doom and gloom.”

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