Meet Cassie – Bridgeliner’s Local Director

Meet Cassie; Bridgeliner’s editor and writer. 

Favorite local Portland team I can get behind

I was born without whatever bone you need to really love sports, but I am always here for our Timbers and Thorns.

One thing I wish every local would stop doing 

Symbolic performativity without meaningful or direct follow through.

This is embarrassing but I can’t get enough of: 

Learning random facts about astrology that won’t serve anyone and then oversharing that at parties. I will absolutely tell you why the stars are making you sad, and I know it’s sort of cringey.

Unpopular opinion but: 

It’s not the end of the world if you like something that is stereotypically Portland or popular. If you like Salt and Straw, okay cool, good for you. If you vibe harder on Cloudforest — that’s awesome. If you long for the days of Farnell’s, that’s completely valid. Just, like what you’re going to like, whether or not it’s popular. You spend too long trying to focus on looking cool or authentic and your ice cream’s going to melt.

My perfect Portland day includes these three stops

• Milwaukie Cafe & Bottle Shop for some AH-mazing breakfast sandwiches
• Portland Saturday Market to browse whatever
• Kachka to have some proper zakuski

A friend visits from out of town. I’m not letting them leave without trying 

Oh we’re headed straight to Marukin (now Kinboshi) Ramen at Pine Street Market downtown. But this would be after a brisk hike down to the Witch’s Castle in Forest Park to ramp up our appetites. 

On any given weekend, you can find me

Bringing food I made to my pals, or learning a new recipe. In non-pandemic times you can catch me window-shopping in Sellwood or on the waterfront and trying (but failing) to break in my Docs.

If I had to give a vote for Portland’s hidden gem, it’d go to

Hands down the Portland Japanese Garden — it’s soothing, it’s beautiful, it has to be one of the quietest places to visit in the city. Also you can’t miss the Koi-feeding ceremony.

I wish Portland had more
Reasonably-affordable housing and less cookie-cutter $1500 a month plus expenses concrete monoliths.

Portland should pay more attention to:

Carlos the Rollerblader — they embody the vibe of what Portland could be one day, and they’re cool as hell. If you’d like to know more about them (and their Disco Skate Shop!), take a peep at our Weird Wednesday feature on them.

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Cassie Ruud is Bridgeliner’s writer / editor / director.  A life-long Oregonian, she grew up in a small logging town, cut her literary teeth at Oregon State University, reported to the local communities on the Oregon Coast, and finally, made her way back to the Willamette Valley and Portland in 2019. She’s a coffee fan, loves a good Hayao Miyazaki film, and learning how to make new recipes, as well as wandering Portland’s downtown to discover new and delicious places to eat and take in the, well, usually gray weather. Her metaphorical newsroom office door is always open for questions, news leads, tips, and hellos at [email protected].