Hook a friend up 🤜🤛 and share these 23 🙊 unspoken rules of Portland

It’s been a long week. We’ve had a mixed bag of weather. RIP to our beloved, exposing-himself-to art mayor, Bud Clark. This stupid pandemic keeps rolling through town. Whoops…someone else’s car was just stolen as you read this!

We think it’s time for a little Friday fun. We asked you to give us what you believe are the unspoken rules of Portland. We started you off with six, and then put it in your hands. You went crazy, we loved it and we wanted to share. (Let us know if we’re missing any.)

The Unspoken Rules of Portland

  1. Bridgeliner: Thank the bus driver before getting off
  2. Bridgeliner: Avoid using an umbrella at all costs
  3. Bridgeliner: “Couch” is not pronounced like you think it is
  4. Bridgeliner: Always yield in traffic when you think you have the Right-of-Way
  5. Bridgeliner: Serve organic juice boxes on the first playdate
  6. Bridgeliner: Don’t talk on a morning bus
  7. jumegs
    You have a favorite bridge
  8. lambskins
    Don’t advance to the middle of the intersection when waiting to make a left hand turn
  9. goldenpalmsnoir
    @lambskins In fact, back up a little to make sure that no one thinks you were even trying to pull forward.
  10. lambskins
    Those donuts in the pink boxes are for tourists
  11. beerguypdx
    When you ask a friend if they want grab a beer: “Definitely” means probably not. “Maybe” means no. “I have to check my schedule” means absolutely HELL NO.
  12. fit_to_swim
    If you have a brick at Pioneer Courthouse Square you have to visit it on trips downtown
  13. c.christian.grand
    When getting off the bus in Portland everyone either A) thanks the bus driver, or B) is a little crazy and talking to themself.
  14. tbone5543
    And watch your step while walking around. 💉💩💩 enjoy this lovely City … 😍
  15. lougallops
    Stop for pedestrians everywhere
  16. kristypdx
    Never honk in traffic
  17. misskittydivine
    Native Portlander, and I’ve never understood the umbrella hate. 🌂🤍
  18. bufori
    If retroactive, all but the podcast recording and guitar playing on a skateboard.
  19. thomasbuelljr
    Pink Voodoo box?
    YES! 🙌 Love it! Errythin’ except old couple with matching raincoats. 🤣😍
  20. steve.hagan1
    Driving under the speed limit in the left lane is OK.
  21. sweetjpdx
    Do not honk. Ever.
  22. sweetjpdx
    @sweetjpdx oh wait, except when you are going through a tunnel. Then you can get all your honks out.
  23. tellen21
    Must have a dog or a cat

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If you know anybody who is moving or has recently moved to Portland, we urge you to share this post with them. (Otherwise, they might forget to leave their umbrella at home.)