This Should Probably be Portland’s Theme Song: I Lost My Beer (with lyrics)

I Lost My Beer

Song lyrics and some background.

The Incredible Heat Machine is homegrown, raw, Oregon music that was recorded live at the OK Theatre in Enterprise, just after the band, TK and The Holy Know-Nothings came off the road from touring.

TK and the Holy Know-Nothings I Lost My Beer lyricsLead vocalist and songwriter, Taylor Kingman, is nothing short of a literary genius, in much the way Roger Miller was with his Engine Engine Number 9 and King of the Road. Just like Miller, Kingman’s songs have depth, and some have humor that might not seem deep, but listen harder and you’ll find songs that have a lot to say under the words.  I Lost My Beer is right there in the fray.

I Lost My Beer might not be quite as deep as some of Kingman’s other songs (example: Hell of a Time), but it is pure Portland – it’s about as Portland as you can get.

If this isn’t the must-close song of any concert, nothing is.


The Holy Know-Nothings Band Members
Tyler Thompson – drummer
Jay Cobb Anderson – lead guitar, harmonica
Lewi Longmire – bass, guitar, pedal steel, flugelhorn, mellotron, lap steel
Sydney Nash – keys, bass, slide guitar, cornet

I Lost My Beer

I got really high and I lost my beer
It was right here
Now it’s not here.
Oh, beer!
Where can you be, oh, beer?!

You’re the beer,
the beer for me.

Oh, and beer quit your hiding.
I’m dying to find you.
I’ve traced my steps up to the ceiling
But I’m not so sure I would of got so stoned if I would’ve known.

I feel pretty dumb ’cause I found my beer.
It was right here.
Now it’s so clear.
Oh, beer!

You used to be cold, oh, beer.
Ain’t the beer I used to know.
But beer, don’t you worry,
‘Cause Lord, I have mercy,
On soldiers who’ve fallen in battle.

But I’m not so sure I would’ve got so stoned if I would’ve  known.

We also recommend Hell of a Time by TK and the Holy Know-Nothings

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