For Timbers Army, Portland’s Providence Park Grows Up

MEET THIS CHANGEMAKER: Chelsea Grassinger from Allied Works Architecture is leading the stadium expansion at Providence Park, where the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns play their home matches.

The new configuration will include 4,000 additional seats, three elevated decks, and a 160-foot rooftop canopy.

WHAT SHE’S DOING: Providence Park is locked in by streets and buildings on all sides, so Chelsea and her team needed to find a way to squeeze more seats onto the same footprint.

Their solution was inspired by two international examples: La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires and the Shakespearean Globe Theatre in London, which both use tiered, vertical seating to get the audience close to the action.

FUN FACT: The original designs for Providence Park (known then as Multnomah Stadium) called for a full “U”-shaped stadium extending all the way along 18th Avenue. Chelsea saw the new expansion as an opportunity to complete what was meant to be built in the outset.

QUOTABLE: We don’t have to scrape away the stadium and go build something shiny elsewhere. We can really build upon the fabric of our city and make it a more innovative and beautiful place to live.” — Chelsea Grassinger

HOW TO CHECK IT OUT: Check the Timbers and Thorns schedule as they return this June to Providence Park!